Finger Lengths

To a person I miss, often and dearly.

Brave is the distance that separates the likes of us.

Us, who never could put together

A perfect sentence

That described what we were.

Us, a moment in time

Where you were just a smouldering ember

And I was the breath that tried

To not so subtly bring about a flame.

Us is no more,

But I think of you no less.

I am someone who always dreamed

We would be

No more than finger lengths away.



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11 responses to “Finger Lengths

  1. People who write like you, will be the death of me.
    Why is it that the internet throws such wonderfully artistic magicians right across the screen but not in real life!?
    Sorry for the mini rant, but I’m in love with you words… read it over and over again, maybe show this post to the one you are writing for?

    • Thanks so much! I am really touched by the lovely comments you’ve been leaving me ^_^.I am far less poetic in real life haha. As for showing this to the one I wrote for, I think there’s very little chance of that happening. We barely(not at all anymore) speak. 😦

      • Maybe, just maybe its time to turn on that charm! Why not just drop her a mail or a text, will be like setting afloat a message in a bottle across seas, if it reaches its shore, nothing better.

        Never give up in love, love isn’t meant to be sane, practical, calculated. Its supposed to be all things mad, fire and passion that burns fingertips, pain that is heart wrenching, jealousy that seeps through, happiness that knows no bounds, like a painting that you make by dipping your hands in paint and smearing across the board. All that it shouldn’t be is correct, in order.

        And cause I’m in a very different place right now, will quote Rumi,
        “Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absentminded. Someone sober will worry about things going badly. Let the lover be.”

        Was planning on getting this inscribed between my fingers, also I maybe secretly in love with you, hence the stalking! 😛

      • You make a brilliant case. I will consider it, certainly. I would much rather speak to this person in person but if it seems like it will never happen again then yes, I will share this 🙂

    • If you really did like this maybe you’ll enjoy this really old one of mine. I mope about this person a lot ._.

  2. Okay, we are eerily similar, I just dropped you a comment on the other post on these lines!
    Shooting you a mail, right now.

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