You smell of fantasy,

like a book so old

that the dust on its surface

pollinates my skin.

And as I let myself

breathe all of you in,

I think of all the words you’ve uttered,

Every umm, snicker,

And lost train of thought.

My mind wanders the rails

They came off

and as I place my ear against

the cold bare metal,

I swear I hear the echoes.

I can’t help

but have such thoughts

blossom in my mind,

For whenever you are near

I am always so restless.



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7 responses to “Fantasy

  1. Beautiful lines and beautifully penned………. Expressive…. And i really liked reading it….. 😃😃

  2. ur friend

    Hey its me ur friend
    (that you dont talk to anymore)

    • Another friend

      Zeeshan you’re not a burden to people, and people appreciate you and enjoy your company and you must miss them. You’vr gotten a twisted idea into your head. Your friends will always be here for you regardless. And your friends will wait however long for your to return from this self loathing and shunning of society. Please try to make the first steps to take yourself out of it. I think your break has been long enough now but its up to you to see that.

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