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Opening Doors

I’ve opened up many magical doors 

Discovering you was like the opening of a secret door.

A curious glance through the keyhole.

The glimpse of colour that flashed past

An ear against the soft mahogany

The sound of soft and cheery whispers.

A knock on the door.

A meeting of faces. 


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Close your eyes and listen to this.

This lullaby for you.

Let the soft words fall on the lashes of your eyes.

Let the weight of the feelings they carry bring them down.

Listen to the soft whisper of these words and the echo of them in the morning.

Let them remind you of your slow fall into the pillows of your bed and mind.

Now drift away my dear and melt into your sheets.


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Penguin Haiku III

More Haiku from The Penguin… <(“)

Penguin Haiku #19

When you feel forlorn

Open up this page of thoughts

My words will find you

Penguin Haiku #20

I brought my ear close

And it heard the softest words

Beautiful secrets

Penguin Haiku #21

I grow so jealous

Of the wind that kisses you

And the light’s embrace.

Penguin Haiku #21

City lights spread out

The darkness in the empty streets

Like milk to coffee

Penguin Haiku #22

You are the red end

Of this spectrum of white light

You lead the colours

Penguin Haiku #23

Let go of my skin

I fear that if you do not

Your love will leave scars

Penguin Haiku #23

I listen to you

Because the sound of your voice

Fills my ears with you

Penguin Haiku #24

Will you teach me, please?

Teach me how to dance like you

Let me move with you.


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Sometimes I look at people and think of how they are the reason I do what I do and this is what I do.

Some days you ask me if

 I ever tire of looking at your face,

 I will always answer with a smile.

The reason is the same as how a botanist never tires

Of looking at his flowers

Or a painter his paintings.

They are looking at what defines them.

You define me. 


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Just The Raindrops

The rain reminds of many things, beautiful and terrible things.

I want the feeling of raindrops on my back.

But I don’t want the rain to soak through

And make it seem as if I

 Have just absorbed

All the sadness of the world

Crying in unison.

Crying in pain.

If I wanted to feel all that,

I would just let your tears roll down on me,

But I just want to feel the raindrops. 


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Pure Chaos

Colour my life with the chaos of trouble

You are pure chaos.

And that’s what makes me want you even more.

It is not the perfect lips or the satin smile they emit that draws me to you.

It is the way you let yourself go

The way you leave everything around you in ruin

Letting the universe know you exist

And letting me see you

At the height of your powers.

I will say it once again.

You are pure chaos.

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Raspberry Sky

Raspbewwy Sky


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Choir of Heat

This post is about another friend. First a Haiku on her

One thing I will need,

Even after we both part

Is your blazing glow.

These words are the closest I can get to capturing your heat…

Please let me say this.

Let me speak about your fire,

With words that will make you cry sparks.

 And when the sparks reach the carpet floor that our feet rest upon the embers will begin to sing.

They will sing about their source.

And that is you.

They will sing about their goddess.

And that is you.

A Choir of Heat lead by you.

And I shall watch.

Engulfed in flames. 



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I made a new friend.

And through the fence I see a ghost…

I fell in love with the way our eyes met.

 So still.

 So pleasant.

And when I came back you were there again.

Right in front of me now. And you stared the same as always, it’s so fascinating to watch.

Everything about you seems like an echo and fades away before completion.

The smile that never really completes itself and I can see the words begin to form and then they just fade.

A Whisper. Not even.

You are a ghost, an echo that’s fading.

And as soon as I glance away I want to look back. Look and see if they are still on me.

And I try to think of the best way to explain it. This moment and the moments we’ve been having.

It feels like I had my picture taken by some apparition in the crowd. 

I had my picture taken.

And I want to know why.



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I walked out with a piece of chalk in my hand.

In that moment it was the only thing I felt.

A soft piece of white surrounded by my clenched fist.

It was clean and bright.

Just like the sky.

I held it against the wall of buildings as I moved forward.

Curving my hand in arcs and letting the white dance along the bare walls.

Not wanting to look at the world behind.

Forward and forward and forward.

I walked until I felt the heat on my fingers, as the last speck of white disappeared and my fingers met brick.

I stopped, looked back and thought of the distance.

It was only a piece of chalk away.


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