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Nothing Crushes Us

These words are for you. I don’t think I will ever be done writing everything there is to be written about you and maybe the words don’t exist for the things to be said about you… It is really difficult to enclose everything you are to me in an envelope of prose. But I am going to try. And here is my first attempt.

“To Define is to Limit, therefore, we are infinite. And nothing crushes us”

So many years ahead.

That many days and that many nights maybe too much for me.

And so I looked for answers in you and that was when you made me see,

It may be long but it’s not forever and maybe in time I’ll come to see that the time ahead will be just enough.

And how, even the stars burn for so very long but in truth they burn long enough for everyone to live out their lives.


There is more silence today, maybe more than there ever has been but it is a good silence.

A thoughtful silence.

And so I think about the days ahead and how they will hurt and I will need you but the distance will hide you and the world will seem cruel.

And I will hate it for that. I think I will hate a lot of things.

And so I think about how I will try to keep this alive.

How I will salvage all the words I’ve scattered throughout my mind. I will collect them all so that during times when I fear the fading I will go back to them.

Relive the past just like Gatsby said so. I might be as mad as him.

And I don’t think I’ll ever feel alone if I hold on to what you have said.

Only when the words get broken will I truly be alone.

And I have a feeling you won’t let that happen.



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Beautiful Little Things

Here I am writing something beautiful for you again.

It seems that most of what I write starts off this way.

But you don’t seem to get tired of it.

So I’ll still write the same.

I’m trying to think of the best way to put you down on paper.


And there’s that pause I always take.

The pause after four or five lines.

This is where I sit and stare.

Not at the things in front of me but at things I’ve captured in my mind.

The moments you and I and others  have shared.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

I get caught up in it and the rest of the world is a blur.

In a moment I’ll make my choice.

And then I’ll take it and lose myself in it.

I’ll romanticize it so much that when you read the words your mind will be full.

Full of these beautiful little things.


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Beautiful Complications

A short post on reasons why I do some of the things I do. And in the case of “The MInuri”, about to do <(“)

The first words that come to my mind are. I like to complicate things.  I like to complicate things in a beautiful way. I’m not sure if it’s frustrating or maniacal to people but I want to see their faces all happy and confused.I want to do things in the craziest possible way to show that I care. To show that I love. I want to put in the effort to do something no one else would and see the look on their faces.That’s all I want. I just want to see their faces light up and go “What is wrong with you? Why? Oh My God” That is all I want. I want to show them that the beauty of what they give me has to be something worth remembering and the only way I know to do that is to give them a story to remember…

That’s all I have to give. A story.


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Waiting for the News

You’re sitting there on the hospital chair waiting for the news.

Your mind is blank and palms are sweaty.

You don’t notice the man who limps or the woman with the sick baby. You’re just lost in your self. Waiting for the news.

Maybe if your ears were awake you would have caught what the couple next to you said, “Something about maybe and maybe about something.”

But you don’t notice anything at all. You are just in you. Waiting for the news.

As the footsteps stain the floor and the cleaner races to clean it. You are there in your chair, just waiting for the news.

A hand upon your shoulder brings you back to life. The wait is finally over.

The lips begin to move. The tears begin to fall. And after that you wish you hadn’t waited at all…


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Brush Strokes

Something I jotted down a few days ago… The way I see it we always try too hard to make sense of some things and it loses it’s awe when we do. This post is about something like that and me just randomly rambling 🙂 Hope you like it.

Reaching out to the people you want to be with can be so difficult. But you care so much that eventually you find a way. The feeling that comes with it can be difficult to describe but that makes it so much more beautiful.

I like how we can’t actually describe things and the mysteries surrounding us makes everything just so priceless and you can just love every moment of it. It’s like we’re all floating around in this cloud of ethereal sound that fills up our ears and no one’s quite sure what’s going on and what’s being said but we’re all here together just sharing the moment of beauty. Feels like everything‘s been drawn out on this amazing painting where these moments occur where the brush strokes cross.

I like this canvas we’ve been painted on. It’s full of colour and radiance even if the paper’s worn out a bit.



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Something Amazing

Just when you thought you’ve caught up with the pace of the world, it steps on the gas peddle and accelerates into the distance. It leaves you sore and miserable and wondering just what the hell you could do to keep up. Endless cycles of day and night. Same old repetitive cycle. Sometimes I wonder how we could go on like this. Could we continue living like this, constantly trying to surge ahead in the endless marathon of life. Trying to matter? Trying to stay relevant? Can we keep this up forever? I’m tired of this race. Let’s just all stop…Let’s try to do something better.

Let’s create something new.

Something amazing.



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The Change

There’s a sound coming from the west. I’ve heard it since my younger years. I’ve heard it sing to me, the sounds of those forgotten traits that people used to have. I want this to be a brand new start now and the leave the pantomimes behind. Maybe the cause of everything was me, hiding in my box.

Age makes you wiser they say but it hasn’t done me good. Silver linings have made me beat about the bush and metaphors of wisdom have led me to despair. Dreaming of sailing through stars and rainbows of light that would maybe touch my soul in a way I could not imagine. I’ll leave in two days maybe. Reminiscent about the things I might find. Find myself a new calling maybe and learn to weave different patterns with my hands and pass them into the sea like messages in bottles.

So let the change begin.




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Searching for A Cause

I always wondered what it would be like to be young person, trapped in the last few days of the world and not knowing what to achieve or do when there’s so little time. This goes out to anyone who feels like they don’t know what to do in the world, I’m sure you can relate to this.

Searching for a cause, when everything’s taken
Looking for the right, when everything’s a lie
Walking down the street with the same old graffiti
They’ve written down my fate.
You’ve written down my fate and just tossed my soul away.
Writing down these lines, which seem to bring down the walls
I’m still looking for a hope that will make them go away.
I’m still searching for a cause.

It’s like walking down a hall of mirrors.
You see yourself looking… right back at yourself.
Blaming yourself for your own misfortune,
You cry out loud that you hate yourself.
Is this just another one of those days?
Where the happiness washes away,
Just like the tide…flowing back into the sea.
Where the leaves fall of from the autumn trees
And the nights grow longer as the days stay cold.
I’m still searching for a cause.

Shells of hatred crack under my feet,
The once sunny beaches, cold and weak
Hellos and goodbyes forgotten and lost
And the only sound heard is the tide going back,
It leaves me behind…
Searching for a cause.



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The Look In Your Eyes

I look at your eyes. I’ve seen them before. I look at them again, just to make sure. To make sure nothing has changed…

Sometimes I think about how resilient the human mind is. Everyday we wake up, stare at our blatant reflection in the mirror and go to wherever in life we are supposed to go. We meet up with friends, family or even complete strangers and create memories with them that somehow manage to stay with us. Sometimes we meet people that we become friends with and later disregard. Sometimes it can be the other way around and your whole life seems to turn upside down on you. People consider many things in life that are important…The most important thing to me are the memories we create, the stuff we can replay again and again in our heads that I never seem to get tired of. The people I’ve met have been so fascinating and special that even the broken connections seem to reconnect. It could be a word, a song, a picture or just a passing thought that triggers it. It happens. It’s happened to me every time. Every time I’ve shared that moment with a person, the few milliseconds of a glance or the stare that seems to last for hours, you get this feeling of euphoria that seems to explode inside your chest and though you can’t actually express it outwards…It gives you a sense of reassurance. I’m sorry if my ramblings give you a headache but it’s really hard to put what you’re feeling into words…

…They’re looking back at me now…I don’t know what to do. I stare back hesitantly; I try to deduce the expression…impossible. The feeling comes back…I can’t keep looking. A feeling of guilt climbs over me as I turn away, rudely almost…but I’m reassured…nothing has changed.



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I want to walk on air…

This post is something i wrote when i started thinking abt how the world was before and how everyday seemed amazing somehow and how hate has just consumed the world and brought it into a state where it just doesn’t feel right anymore

I want to walk on air…

Help me take the first step. I want to reach the stars…Help me try to reach them. I don’t care how high up it is. A challenge…I embrace it. Don’t care what the world throws at me; I just want to reach it. Leave behind the dusty wind and the cold street lights, that remind me of broken times and the painful life…I want to run through clouds, inhale freedom, shower the earth with hope…golden hope, glistening hope…A much needed hope. I want to run away from the ambient fear, the paradigm shifts, the monotonous black and white lifestyle…Remember how the earth used to glow? The warm and sweet scented mornings we used to wake up to? When the Sun’s light touched your skin? Welcoming you to the dawn of a new day that you knew would be colourful and full of life. There was something about that warmth…It made our hearts glow. It made the beggar a hope to wake up to, the suicidal man a reason to live, a terrorist the thought to consider…

But it isn’t the same anymore…The warmth is gone. Perished. Lost. Forgotten…We wake up to escapism…People trying desperately to find a way out. A way from all the pain. A way to hope. It’s cold now. I’m cold now.

I want to walk on air…Help me take the first step.

I want to reach the stars…Help me try to reach them.


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