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Winter Storm

Will you bring your lips as close as they can get

And fill my lungs with your breath?

And with your breath can you warm

The coldness of this winter storm?

Will you untwist the curtains and shield

My eyes from the white of the world?

Instead ,come closer and show me

The whites of your eyes, hovering

Inches away from mine.

Shield me from the winter storm

Enclose me in your calm. 


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Penguin Haiku X

Penguin Haiku #71

Thank you for tasting

All the words I write for you.

The bitter and sweet.

Penguin Haiku #72

You give me the strength,

You give me the desire,

To keep trudging on.

Penguin Haiku #73

Do not stop for me.

Do not take a single pause.

I am right behind.

Penguin Haiku #74

Let me watch your skin

Waking in the morning glow,

Feeding on the light.

Penguin Haiku #75

I have watched your breath

Condense in the freezing cold,

Speaking of your warmth.

Penguin Haiku #76

You are the only

Layer of cloth that I need

In the coldest times.

Penguin Haiku #77

Ear against your chest,

I hear the beat of summer

That heats you within.


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Smoke & Flames

Are there bits of me floating around in the air this very moment?

Thoughts that make their way across an ocean of people,

To travel far and settle on your skin?

Do they then sink right through and spark the fires in your heart

And cause the smoke to bellow out with your breath,

As it meets the cold outside?

I can’t help but think that all this,

 Happens so that I may find you someday.

Is it the smoke that I must follow to find your flame? 

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Winter Love

I always expected you to come to me,

In a rush of heat.

A sweltering storm of infatuation,

With your hands

Gripping my sweaty hair.

Instead, you stumbled onto me,

 In the cold, crumbling snow.

Into my arms that held you,

Melting the frost that covered your skin.


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Shortest Days

Even though we are caught amidst these days

Where the nights come early

And the day’s light lingers for only a moment.

I cannot help but feel that it is we,

You and I,

Who hide behind the clouds.

For you are my Sun that gives me light

And I am still illuminated by you,

Even when the days are shortest. 

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Penguin Haiku VIII

Penguin Haiku #56

Why are you crying?

Allow me to save those tears,

Use them for your joy.

Penguin Haiku #57

Do you see those lines?

Around your eyes and your lips?

One for every smile.

Penguin Haiku #58

When will the search end?

This search for the whole of me.

Where are the pieces?

Penguin Haiku #60

Pull up the blankets,

Let your feet dangle over.

Remember the cold.

Penguin Haiku #61

Take me like the breeze

Blowing through the cold autumn.

Over and through me.

Penguin Haiku #62

Allow me to read

The pages I’ve written for you,

The words you have loved.

Penguin Haiku #63

Crumble all the bitter,

Mix it in with the sweetness

Swallow those sorrows.


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Whispers of Winter

October is when the whispers of winter are heard.  

I could sit outside all day and listen to the stories they bring.

Mostly they speak of cold lampposts in lonely streets but there a few that talk of families all huddled up in bed, warm mugs of milk in their hands and the laughter that they share.

Maybe that’s why it never gets as cold over there, even in the coldest places some of the stories made in them are too warm for the chill to bite in.

Maybe I’ll find myself in a place like that someday, cold and unforgiving where I will try and recall the warmest of stories and cover myself with a blanket of them. 


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Show me the Sun

Today the cold is the first to say hello to me.

As if I haven’t been paying attention to it every other time I have crossed paths with it.

It is not a pleasant meeting, the hand shake is weak and embarrassing.

I’m sure this was what it was looking for anyway.

 To see me intimidated.

I shrug it away, well; I try to shrug it away.

The only thing I want today is to see the Sun. I look up and all I can see is a clotted sky.

 Clotted with small furry beasts of cloud, in league with the cold. 

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Kindred Sounds

Many fail to hear

how the rain drops falling

onto the sweet smelling Earth

make the same exact sound as

warm glowing fires

on cold autumn nights.


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