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A Vision of You (II)

As I collapse

Into yet another dream

Of you,

my eyes can barely

Keep themselves closed,

I only know this once I am awoken

For in the dream,

Nothing distracts me but you

I am unaware of anything but you

And I cannot lie but say

That even after awaking

And cursing my eyes for their failure

It is you that still occupies my thoughts.

I reason with myself

That my eyes only open

In fear that I might follow you

In my dreams forever

And never awaken again.



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Welcome Weariness

I love those nights

Where my head strikes the pillow

And immediately

I am gone.

And nothing hurts

Because I’m so tired

That any feeling switches off.

And here it comes,

A welcoming weariness,

Where my eyes feel like

The heaviest of things.  


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Simple Moment

Behind these eyes lies an ocean,

That holds all emotions held back.

But the gates are open now

And the flood comes rushing forth

As a great and sad beauty reaches my eyes.

The feelings roll across my skin

And explode against the ground.

Every drop transcribing

What my words cannot.

And as the torrent subsides

I am already missing it,

A simple moment,

Beautiful and sad.

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Kindred Darkness

If all the lights were to go out

Leaving me here alone in the dark

I would close my eyes

And find calm in knowing,

That the dark I see now

Is something else entirely. 

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Winter Storm

Will you bring your lips as close as they can get

And fill my lungs with your breath?

And with your breath can you warm

The coldness of this winter storm?

Will you untwist the curtains and shield

My eyes from the white of the world?

Instead ,come closer and show me

The whites of your eyes, hovering

Inches away from mine.

Shield me from the winter storm

Enclose me in your calm. 

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Close your eyes and listen to this.

This lullaby for you.

Let the soft words fall on the lashes of your eyes.

Let the weight of the feelings they carry bring them down.

Listen to the soft whisper of these words and the echo of them in the morning.

Let them remind you of your slow fall into the pillows of your bed and mind.

Now drift away my dear and melt into your sheets.


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Perfect Memory

When I find you again,

And I promise you I will,

I will create for you your perfect and favourite memory.

It will be of you waking up,

Looking forward to seeing my face

Lying next to yours.

And when you do open your eyes,

You will see that mine are already open,

Looking right at you.

This is what I have to give

When I find you and love you

All over again.

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I made a new friend.

And through the fence I see a ghost…

I fell in love with the way our eyes met.

 So still.

 So pleasant.

And when I came back you were there again.

Right in front of me now. And you stared the same as always, it’s so fascinating to watch.

Everything about you seems like an echo and fades away before completion.

The smile that never really completes itself and I can see the words begin to form and then they just fade.

A Whisper. Not even.

You are a ghost, an echo that’s fading.

And as soon as I glance away I want to look back. Look and see if they are still on me.

And I try to think of the best way to explain it. This moment and the moments we’ve been having.

It feels like I had my picture taken by some apparition in the crowd. 

I had my picture taken.

And I want to know why.



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Broken, Confused & Lost

This post is special ’cause i think i’ll always remember the moment i wrote it. It’s another one of those little ones that i happen to come up with after a moment has passed. This is for anyone out there who needs it 🙂

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Just looking up at the stars or just hiding under pillows and blankets, lying there trying to make sense of something. I’m under my sheet right now, writing this…and it’s getting harder to do now ‘cause it’s finally caught up to me, this pain that we’re all trying to get away from. It’s dragging me down and ripping at my chest. God I hate that feeling.

I think you know this feeling? Can you feel it too?

We’re all so different yet we’re all just the same.

Broken, confused & lost.


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The Change

There’s a sound coming from the west. I’ve heard it since my younger years. I’ve heard it sing to me, the sounds of those forgotten traits that people used to have. I want this to be a brand new start now and the leave the pantomimes behind. Maybe the cause of everything was me, hiding in my box.

Age makes you wiser they say but it hasn’t done me good. Silver linings have made me beat about the bush and metaphors of wisdom have led me to despair. Dreaming of sailing through stars and rainbows of light that would maybe touch my soul in a way I could not imagine. I’ll leave in two days maybe. Reminiscent about the things I might find. Find myself a new calling maybe and learn to weave different patterns with my hands and pass them into the sea like messages in bottles.

So let the change begin.




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