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There are days
when I wish the seas would shrink
in kindness and let everyone be
an arm’s length away.
And if that is too much
affection to ask of them,
Then I hope the wind will be more forgiving,
and instead of drowning out our words
they carry them across those cruel seas,
and over veiling mountains.
But all of this, even if it were to come true,
and these forces showed us some grace,
it would be such wasted favor if
we had nothing left to say.



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Storms & Lies

She was there that day,

Waiting for the rain to let up

And let them on their way.

Not only did it refuse to stop,

But all the clouds grew darker,

And the rain grew fierce with rage.

The child gripping at her coat

Tugged at it to get her attention.

She looked down and saw his eyes

Reflecting the stormy sky.

She wonder what she could say

To make him feel at ease,

And thus she uttered an easy lie.

“We’ll be home soon enough”.

And just as those words were said

A fork of lightning lit up over their heads,

The trees shuddered

And so did they.

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I.D. ~ For feelings.js

I feel like an identity,
A strange but concrete entity.
One that can dream dreams
And nightmares as well.
But the kind that loses itself,
When so close to being found.
But let it be known
As all my inhibitions unfold,
That this too is just a mask,
And this feeling of singularity
Well, it’s just not meant to last.
And just as the many sunsets go,
My mind too will sink once more.

This little poem is quite special in that it was inspired by the words generated by the bot @feelings.js created by wonderfully creative  @katierosepipkin. I’ve only recently been delving into the world of twitter bots and found out just how poetic they can be. ^_^


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They say I’m too soft,

That there aren’t enough rough edges

On this shape of mine.

I hear them

Say all of this,

And it feels like

The hammer and the mallet

Are only moments

Away from striking me

Into things people wish to see.

My biggest fear

Is losing all the poetry

This softness carries.

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The Sand And The Sea

For Lily and Sudaraka, the sand and the sea. 

You took my soul away,

Like the tide

Steals away the sand.

But instead of rushing away

And falling across the horizon

You came again and gave it back,

Covered in colored shells

And the smell of the sea.

All I could do

Was give you an embrace.

And warm as you were,

I wanted to give you more

And thank you for filling my soul with things,

I never thought it could contain.


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You must be what it’s like

to be a beam of light.

To be weightless and yet, be whole.

To cut through the blackness

Without any hint of fear.

To be you must be

Like a shimmering dream,

The kind you see in movies,

The golden and glowing parts

Of my imagination that sees you

Illuminating my life.


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Finger Lengths

To a person I miss, often and dearly.

Brave is the distance that separates the likes of us.

Us, who never could put together

A perfect sentence

That described what we were.

Us, a moment in time

Where you were just a smouldering ember

And I was the breath that tried

To not so subtly bring about a flame.

Us is no more,

But I think of you no less.

I am someone who always dreamed

We would be

No more than finger lengths away.


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Has Anything Changed?

I am terribly late but here’s my New Year’s note! 🙂

” As the years go by, 

 Time too begins to wonder, 

“Why do I exist?” 

Has anything changed?

This is what I asked myself as I began to write this and to be honest I really don’t know the answer to that. Maybe this is actually the year I’ll look back on after many more years have passed and I’ll say to myself, “I guess it was pretty significant after all”.

So much has happened though. I am no longer stuck on an island that teeters on the edge of the Indian, like a tear drop that refused to join the puddle on the floor. I am somewhere different, somewhere familiar yet new.

I have laughed, cried and conversed with the most beautiful and interesting of human beings. People still keep surprising me and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of meeting more of them. Faces, places and words are things I will always hold dear to my heart and I will never stop searching for them. So I hope the year ahead offers me more of the same.

I’ve looked back on all the words I’ve written this year and in them I’ve seen how my life is still as tragic and dramatic as ever. I don’t mind this at all…I think. I still do find myself to be agonizingly boring but I am grateful that my feelings still move me enough to spring some words into existence. So thank you kind reader or stumbler for sparing those precious seconds to read something I wrote. It truly means the world to me.

Some final thoughts. I’ve managed to stumble across some wonderful souls here, their writing and thoughts have captured my attention in such a way that I will always look forward to their words. If I’ve ever left a word or two on your site, then please know that I adore the mind that wrote those words. As long as you love writing please continue to do so!

Happy New Year, everybody.





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Telling you was

Achingly simple,

Now comes something

Even easier.

Far too easy that it scares me.

How much more can I say,

Before I start repeating myself?

Where does this beginning end,

To give way to the middle and

The bulk of this story being told?

At what parts do I prove

That I do in fact feel,

All the things I write to you?


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The Dust that Settles

Happy Anniversary to two extraordinarily special people, Sudaraka and Lilakshi! I know I’m a few days late but I hope you take kindly to these words I wrote for you. I love the fact that the two of you exist and love each other; it’s truly beautiful to see. 


People too often, settle.

They settle themselves to merely complaining about the dust that’s collecting on the shelves and layering the glass on the window. We are so easily pulled into the idea that things should always remain exciting and for it to fade means the end. We are so vulnerable to the dust that settles until all the things we’ve fallen in love with, the skin, the soul, the shadow is hidden and forgotten.

Take the time, please do. Every now and then to wipe away the dirt. Push away the grime. The one you care about is just as easily covered by time, distance and life itself. Life is the weariest thing and there’s more than just dust that can hide away the things you should always keep in view.

So dust each other off, it only takes a gentle caress against the face, and they’ll never fade away.

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