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Paper Towers

The last few lines of this post are from a memory I’ve shared with one of the most incredible people. I hope she sees this someday. 

I’ll admit

There have been times

When I’ve felt the impulse,

A short stab in my heart

That tells me to reach out,

And place the words into your ears.

But how?

I ask myself every day.

I wish it were a simple fix

But it’s much more than that.

It’s not like our days in the past

Where tape and glue would do,


The only things that needed fixing 

Were the paper towers we built back then,

When you were nine

And I was ten. 


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First Snowfall

This photo was taken by my friend Zulaiha aka “The LSGMH” who’s in Georgia at the moment. Funny thing about the story of how we first met each other is that all of us in my class had heard more about her before actually seeing her ’cause she got a bit delayed coming into school but she did show up, eventually. I guess this is where the inspiration came from. 



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Morning Sunshine

Do you remember this? 

When I say this, please understand that it’s me writing this.

It’s not some self help bot on the internet or some random motivational quote generator. It’s me, an actual human being typing away at his keys, giving these words to you.

You matter a lot to me.

I won’t talk about anyone else here, I feel I have no right to talk about how others feel about you. But this is me telling you that you matter to me.

You are pretty, you are smart and I did read your words.

They are the only connection I have to your existence when you’re not standing in front of me.  There is no need for you to jump or run any higher or faster than every other person I know. I have said this before, you hover and that is something I wish I could do. And the absolute gems of music and the beautiful little things your mind dishes out are things I go to night after night and make me feel truly blessed to know you.

Sometimes I am afraid, I’m so very afraid. There are many things that I say but maybe I have more that are unsaid and these are usually things that I feel aren’t mine to say and maybe I could give, do or say more to you, well that is what I feel.

And these words, the one’s I’ve just said are what I feel too.

I understand that maybe I’m going too deep with this, which is usually the case with me but when your words caught my heart, mine just had to follow.

I hope this finds you in the morning . 

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Hello and Goodbye

I like this post a lot because it captures my favourite hello and goodbye.

The start and end of the day is when I see you the most.

The time I search for you.

The time that no one else is on my mind.

It’s the time I know I have a few seconds, and if I’m lucky, a few minutes with you.

It is the time I chase after your hovering footsteps.

It’s the time that’s been happening every day.

Every day, since the day I knew it was special, you were special.

And the waiting was special.

And what amuses me is the thought that after all this time of running after you every single day,

Today was the first,  where I saw you turn around and look.


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Speed of Hope

When the world breaks your heart, hope. Humans are capable of incredible successes and triumphs. Never stop hoping.

^^Thank you for these words

I am watching it coming right at me.

It hits me with the words and the arrival of your smile.

What takes my breath away is not how my arms reach out and embrace the hope you bring but the speed of it.

How fast it overtakes the worst of the worst.

It reaches before another word escapes my lips and before another tear falls.

You bring it full and fast.

And I’m just left to marvel at the speed of your hope.

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July 9, 2013 · 2:17 PM

Day of The Raspberry

Happy B’day Raspberry…


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Friendship is A Rope

I wanted to post this in the morning but it took longer to finish that I had hoped. Today is a special day. Happy B’day Kaveesh 🙂

Of all the analogies on friendship, I struggle to find one that best describes ours.

So let me make up my own.

Ours is a long and sturdy rope pulled on either end by each of us.

We have pulled for so long and so hard that

Fate has now come along to stop us pulling for a while,

Maybe it fears if we pull any longer the rope will fail

But as long as we don’t let go

And keep holding on the way we have been

This rope will remain taut.


April 23, 2013 · 2:24 PM

Penguin Haiku II

 More Penguin Haiku <(“) 

Penguin Haiku #12

 I always listen

To sounds of pen on paper

I can hear the words

Penguin Haiku #13

You told me today

I wish I could write like you

Just pick up your Pen

Penguin Haiku #14

One thing I will need

Even after we both part

Is your blazing glow

Penguin Haiku #15

Music is a gift

Just like the kisses you give

Every single day

Penguin Haiku #16

When you feel alone

Open the bottle, my gift

Read the words inside

Penguin Haiku #17

We are both afraid

Of things we do not control

We fear this feeling

Penguin Haiku #18

All the words you speak

Every syllable uttered

Tells them our story


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Raspberry Sky

Raspbewwy Sky


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Choir of Heat

This post is about another friend. First a Haiku on her

One thing I will need,

Even after we both part

Is your blazing glow.

These words are the closest I can get to capturing your heat…

Please let me say this.

Let me speak about your fire,

With words that will make you cry sparks.

 And when the sparks reach the carpet floor that our feet rest upon the embers will begin to sing.

They will sing about their source.

And that is you.

They will sing about their goddess.

And that is you.

A Choir of Heat lead by you.

And I shall watch.

Engulfed in flames. 



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