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A poem I wrote for a friend whom I absolutely hate saying goodbye to. 

Every anxious breath

I take,

feels like the ocean

swelling as it heaves, heavily,

The salt in it’s lungs.

And yet here you come

Once in a while,

To ease the weight

And break through the brine,

The churning waves,

making me forget

The stinging in my chest.



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For my dear friend, Fatima, who’s company I’ve cherished ever since our first bus ride home together. Happy Birthday and here’s to many more bus rides home. 🙂 

Home has seemed closer,

Every journey I’ve taken with you.

I’ve realised that people,

such as you,

Have this incredible ability

To make time pass without any warning,

To make buildings outside

Sweep pass these bus windows

And get so easily ignored.

You have made “alone” disappear

So very many times,

And made the agonizing whir

Of the engine fade

Into bearable background noise.

For you are the best conversation,

A most pleasurable passage of time,

That lonely people like me

Are always grateful for.


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Are You Listening?

Here’s something new written the way of something old. 

I don’t think you realise how much I miss you. I know that you’ve heard so little of me and I know that I have only myself to blame for that.

But every moment that thoughts of you crawl into my brain, even a single faded memory, puts me in such agony that I can feel it growing inside my chest. Trying to burst out a piece that has somehow lodged itself in my heart.

Will you even listen to me now?

I don’t know and maybe I never will. That is unless you see these words someday and give me some in return. But I am afraid. Still so very afraid that I can only do worse. And anything my words will touch will only do harm to this fragile glass you and I have become. I am afraid that the next words you hear from me will finally split the cracks and everything good that we ever had will finally shatter.

There are times where I wish everything I know about you would just disappear from my memory but how can I erase so much of what I love. It hurts to remember but I feel it would hurt even more to forget.


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Our Infinity

Forgive me for this wall of an introduction, you can skip this part if you want but this post is very special.
It’s for 11 people I love very much.
For Sam, who I miss more than anything.
For Sudaraka, who is patient enough to put up with my midnight ramblings.
For Sashini for believing in the “Dominoes”, “Nothing Crushes Us” and every other silly slogan I’ve labeled us with.
For Himani, who loves to love just as much as I do and I was lucky enough to cross paths with.
For Kaveesh, who’s been a part of most of my stories.
For Mihitha, who I’ve shared more laughter in the latest of hours than anyone else.
For Minuri, who knows better than anyone how dramatic I can be
For Senura, who I always wanted as a friend. You’re certainly a wish come true! 🙂
For Sajith, for going along with my misadventures.
For Zulaiha, who’s stories are much better than mine.
For Sara, Yours were the words that made me write down my own and is here for the world to see. 

Thank You All and I hope you like this little tribute from me(including the little drawing above). Lots of Love! 


When I am most afraid

I will think of us.

Every story and adventure,

All the dreams I seem to live in.

Maybe the hope this brings

Will take me far enough.

If it does I will look back and thank

The constellation we built for ourselves,

This Infinite Loop.


Little Star

Do not fear,

Your place will always be here

You will always be the eclipse in my face,

The shadow that lingers with my own.

And it’s together we will taste

The raspberries and rum

In the centre of this galaxy.

Enjoying every little moment

On the way there.


Center of Infinity

One night I watched

All your stars fly across.

I was still

As everything else

Danced in front of me.

Your words, your smiles

Your faces.

But I was glad to see

Myself in the center

Of this infinity.

Thank you for letting me

Slip into your gravity

And letting me be

A part of this “we”.



I don’t remember when

But I do know for sure that

I am part of something.

Something immensely special.

I feel we’ve drawn each other

By the force of who we are.

You being you.

Me being me.

Our own force of gravity.


Heat & Light

I’m not sure

Which clouds made

The stars that made you.

But I would have loved

To have seen the moment

Where the Heat & Light appeared

And the atoms that became you

First met the atoms that became me.


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Stories and Adventures

My friend Zulaiha, aka The LSGMH, is going away (FAR AWAY), to Georgia for University and I just want to say that the things I have cherished the most about our friendship are the stories and the adventures we’ve had over the years. We’ve had some incredibly memorable moments, good and bad. Hopefully she’ll remember these words and go on some new adventures in Georgia as well. 



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Highest of Highs (B&W)

You must surely know that I think of you
as one of the most important things in my life.

The stage at which we met was not the grandest, the circumstances not the boldest but even still, when I think upon the actual meeting there is something that is more than anyone else would think.

It’s something that makes me realise how lucky I am and how kind the stars have been.

 If it is indeed the stars that choose our fate then I thank  them for making our footsteps run into each other.

Do you remember the climb to the highest of highs?

 How the steady silence between us hid what we are today?

Sometimes silence is important, maybe it gives us a chance to look at each other and just take in the depth of our souls in the universe, maybe there’s something in you and me that foresaw the magic that would come, the words to be said and letters to given.

 Maybe the silent stares are just like the black and white photographs, a revelation of the soul and maybe it was then that I realised, when we were up there on the highest of highs, that your soul was a good one, a kind one and one that would listen.  I saw this as I held the picture of your soul in my mind, up there on the highest of highs.

Black and White.

Did you realise it too? 


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Nothing Crushes Us

These words are for you. I don’t think I will ever be done writing everything there is to be written about you and maybe the words don’t exist for the things to be said about you… It is really difficult to enclose everything you are to me in an envelope of prose. But I am going to try. And here is my first attempt.

“To Define is to Limit, therefore, we are infinite. And nothing crushes us”

So many years ahead.

That many days and that many nights maybe too much for me.

And so I looked for answers in you and that was when you made me see,

It may be long but it’s not forever and maybe in time I’ll come to see that the time ahead will be just enough.

And how, even the stars burn for so very long but in truth they burn long enough for everyone to live out their lives.


There is more silence today, maybe more than there ever has been but it is a good silence.

A thoughtful silence.

And so I think about the days ahead and how they will hurt and I will need you but the distance will hide you and the world will seem cruel.

And I will hate it for that. I think I will hate a lot of things.

And so I think about how I will try to keep this alive.

How I will salvage all the words I’ve scattered throughout my mind. I will collect them all so that during times when I fear the fading I will go back to them.

Relive the past just like Gatsby said so. I might be as mad as him.

And I don’t think I’ll ever feel alone if I hold on to what you have said.

Only when the words get broken will I truly be alone.

And I have a feeling you won’t let that happen.


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Beautiful Complications

A short post on reasons why I do some of the things I do. And in the case of “The MInuri”, about to do <(“)

The first words that come to my mind are. I like to complicate things.  I like to complicate things in a beautiful way. I’m not sure if it’s frustrating or maniacal to people but I want to see their faces all happy and confused.I want to do things in the craziest possible way to show that I care. To show that I love. I want to put in the effort to do something no one else would and see the look on their faces.That’s all I want. I just want to see their faces light up and go “What is wrong with you? Why? Oh My God” That is all I want. I want to show them that the beauty of what they give me has to be something worth remembering and the only way I know to do that is to give them a story to remember…

That’s all I have to give. A story.


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Walls & Doors

Alright so it’s 2 am and i just had to get this written before i totally forgot about it. I have no clue where this came from and i’m finding it pretty difficult to introduce it to you… Maybe i should just let you read it and just make your own meaning of it.

We’re always trying to open doors…we can’t help it really. People keep building walls around themselves and you always run into them now and then. It’s like this whole universe we live in is made up of them and the foundations just go deep into the nothingness but we don’t really care about that. Why should we? But there are the doors. Some are open, some closed, while some walls just don’t have them cause the people who built them just don’t want to let us in. Some doors are always open and they are the equivalent to the doors of your house where you can choose to enter or leave at anytime you want and the walls they are attached to are the ones built by those closest to you and you won’t even feel them there and almost seems like we are passing though them.

To me the walls with no doors are made by people who are lost and have built around themselves and purposefully forgotten to include a way of getting in or out. It’s maddening to think of living like that.

But sometimes we come across walls with doors which don’t open and trying to figure out why it’s closed makes you feel absolutely ridiculous as there could be a million different reasons why. But when you do open them…it’s just amazing and you could stumble onto the most amazing person you’ve ever met and it’s another piece of the universe you can have for yourself. Now that’s a door worth opening.


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