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Why must you hover so far?

Halo me closer.


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Evening Sky

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Even mighty trees

Can envy the evening sky

Bleeding through the leaves.


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Misty Mornings

Soft, misty mornings

Bring heaven that much closer.

Just above the trees.


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Slaying Dragons

This will slay dragons,

And put out all of the fires

burning inside you.

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Sad Stories

All stories are sad,

Even the most cheerful ones,

If no one hears them.


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Penguin Haiku XI

Lips are on my mind. Enjoy! 

Penguin Haiku #78

Fill both of my lungs

With the breath of your warm kiss.

Let me breathe you in.

Penguin Haiku #79

I feel your lashes

Caress the skin of my face,

When your lips miss mine.

Penguin Haiku #80

The only silence

That is golden,happens when

My lips press on yours.

Penguin Haiku #81

Your lips give away

Everything you leave unsaid,

The sweetest secrets.

Penguin Haiku #82

Soft and pink are they,

The two things that make my day,

Right below your nose.


Penguin Haiku #83

I think about words.

All of which have left your lips.

All that I have heard.


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Penguin Haiku X

Penguin Haiku #71

Thank you for tasting

All the words I write for you.

The bitter and sweet.

Penguin Haiku #72

You give me the strength,

You give me the desire,

To keep trudging on.

Penguin Haiku #73

Do not stop for me.

Do not take a single pause.

I am right behind.

Penguin Haiku #74

Let me watch your skin

Waking in the morning glow,

Feeding on the light.

Penguin Haiku #75

I have watched your breath

Condense in the freezing cold,

Speaking of your warmth.

Penguin Haiku #76

You are the only

Layer of cloth that I need

In the coldest times.

Penguin Haiku #77

Ear against your chest,

I hear the beat of summer

That heats you within.


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Penguin Haiku IX

Penguin Haiku #64

Am I yours tonight,

Are you the cup that holds me,

And the words I spew? 

Penguin Haiku #65

Please, carry my soul.

Feel its weight in your soft palms.

Place it next to yours.

Penguin Haiku #66

Will you take a moment,

Just a moment, that is all,

To see me see you?

Penguin Haiku #67

Can I be your first,

 Last, and all the inbetween?

Can I be your all?

Penguin Haiku #68

Do not waste a drop,

Of happiness, sadness, fear.

Will you taste them all?

Penguin Haiku #69

Which way? This or that?

How long and how much further?

Allow me to say.

Penguin Haiku #70

Take me as I am,

And as I was and will be,

Yours and yours and yours.


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Penguin Haiku VIII

Penguin Haiku #56

Why are you crying?

Allow me to save those tears,

Use them for your joy.

Penguin Haiku #57

Do you see those lines?

Around your eyes and your lips?

One for every smile.

Penguin Haiku #58

When will the search end?

This search for the whole of me.

Where are the pieces?

Penguin Haiku #60

Pull up the blankets,

Let your feet dangle over.

Remember the cold.

Penguin Haiku #61

Take me like the breeze

Blowing through the cold autumn.

Over and through me.

Penguin Haiku #62

Allow me to read

The pages I’ve written for you,

The words you have loved.

Penguin Haiku #63

Crumble all the bitter,

Mix it in with the sweetness

Swallow those sorrows.


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Lonely Haiku

Unless I reach out,
Feel your hands envelope mine,
I will feel alone.

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