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Home & Heart

“Home is where the heart is”,

They say.

But I carry my heart


I think that’s why

As I board a plane,

And peer at every seat

On every row

Down the aisle

I hope,

As my heart looks up

In earnest,

To maybe glimpse

Someone to share home with.



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Breaths We Breathe

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Sending my love to all of you out there, with every breath I take. 🙂

Love is realising that we

Are constantly breathing each other’s breaths.

Knowing, that each breath you take

Has something of someone else

A sigh, a laugh, a cry, an exasperation.

Love is knowing that each breath you take

Has been taken before

And it’s not just the oxygen from the trees

Or the giving nature of their leaves

That is keeping us alive.

It is the breath of you,

The breath of me

And the breath of all of humanity,

That keeps all of us warm

On the coldest of days.

Think of what else our breath has given,

The words we speak

The prayers we ask,

The portraits on windows

As it fogs up the glass.

I am almost convinced that our lungs love

Even more than our hearts.

For how would our hearts even beat,

If it wasn’t for the breaths we breathe?


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This was such a struggle to write, more so than anything I’ve ever written before.
Refill 2



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Not Enough

I have always felt reassured by the fact that I have lots of great memories and that someday thinking about them is going to make me happy. I always imagined the memories being so vivid that it would be like re-living those moments and going through the same feelings as I did in that memory but today when I tried, everything in my mind felt distant as If I’m speeding away from those moments and the rear view mirror of my mind is only showing me a host of fuzzy shapes getting smaller and smaller as time passes by. This is probably the only post on my WordPress that has a longer introduction to it than the post itself. I’m sorry if this bothers you, the words just sort of leaked out.

the memories are too hazy.

The colours too washed out for me to be content.

The sounds too quiet for my ears to tell my heart

That I am hearing those words again.

There is much less feeling mulling over a slowly diminishing moment in my mind.

There is less joy and less of you.


just the memories aren’t enough.

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Show me the Sun

Today the cold is the first to say hello to me.

As if I haven’t been paying attention to it every other time I have crossed paths with it.

It is not a pleasant meeting, the hand shake is weak and embarrassing.

I’m sure this was what it was looking for anyway.

 To see me intimidated.

I shrug it away, well; I try to shrug it away.

The only thing I want today is to see the Sun. I look up and all I can see is a clotted sky.

 Clotted with small furry beasts of cloud, in league with the cold. 

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I’m afraid I’m running out of heart beats.

And I want to use the ones I have left by spending time with you.

I don’t know how many I have left but I want you to know that these heartbeats are for you.

And I think the times when your heart races it is rushing to catch up to mine that’s been a little ahead.

Just in case you never catch up just think of the heart beats you have left as gifts from me to live  and love a little bit more.


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A Melted Heart

It’s crazy to think that I, just I, on my own have come up with these things

To make you feel the way you feel today.

I feel like I’ve made your day just by saying the things I’ve said, but

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself?

And maybe, just maybe, it is you yourself you should thank?

Because, if it wasn’t for you,

I wouldn’t have come up with them in the first place.

You have made me melt your own heart.


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You have lit too many fires

And switched on too many switches

In the machine of my heart that

There may be no hope in containing this blaze.


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Penguin Haiku

Penguin Haiku #1

Eyes are meant to see

And lips are meant to be kissed

Let me fulfil both

Penguin Haiku #2

The song is the same

Yesterday is repeated

But you are still new

Penguin Haiku #3

Your fingers are twisted

Around my own, and my eyes

Whisper don’t let go.

Penguin Haiku #4

The stars have aligned.

You whisper that it is time

Reach and kiss my pulse.

Penguin Haiku #5

The laughter had died.

All the children were crying.

You and I were lost.

Penguin Haiku #6

The Sun still follows

The path that God set for it

I just follow you

Penguin Haiku #7

Life works in patterns.

This is what you have told me.

I believe in you.


Penguin Haiku #8

I point at the sky

And tell you about the clouds

You say, “God is shy”

Penguin Haiku #9

Your hand on your chest

You pat it and say to me

“Well you are Our Soul”

­Penguin Haiku #10

The stage lights are off

I look for the source of heat

I find it is you

Penguin Haiku #11

I found a pebble

It is as smooth as your hand

And brown as your eyes


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