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Apologies for the time away. 

What is it that you whisper in my ear,

As we lie underneath these sheets,

This is yet another dream, I fear.

One where I know when I awake,

I’ll have dried tears running down my face,

And you’ll fade into the faintest memory.

So while we’re here in this world of white and softness,

Let me lean in close and hear you say something softer.

For your words are Gospel

And although you’ll not witness me kneeling,

I’ll still bury my face in your neck.

And really, that’s worship just the same.


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You smell of fantasy,

like a book so old

that the dust on its surface

pollinates my skin.

And as I let myself

breathe all of you in,

I think of all the words you’ve uttered,

Every umm, snicker,

And lost train of thought.

My mind wanders the rails

They came off

and as I place my ear against

the cold bare metal,

I swear I hear the echoes.

I can’t help

but have such thoughts

blossom in my mind,

For whenever you are near

I am always so restless.


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A Vision of You (II)

As I collapse

Into yet another dream

Of you,

my eyes can barely

Keep themselves closed,

I only know this once I am awoken

For in the dream,

Nothing distracts me but you

I am unaware of anything but you

And I cannot lie but say

That even after awaking

And cursing my eyes for their failure

It is you that still occupies my thoughts.

I reason with myself

That my eyes only open

In fear that I might follow you

In my dreams forever

And never awaken again.


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A Vision of You (I)

There you are again,

As I find myself back pedaling

Whilst you are turned aside.

We are heading

In separate directions,

Away from the end of something special

Well, maybe just for me.

But this is not the end,

I say it in my head

And politely ask it of you

In my imaginary voice.

You must be someone

Who’s come from above,

For as I thought this prayer

I swear you could hear it.

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More You

I may have written this just after waking up. 

I had a dream last night,
and just as dreams go
the strangeness of it
didn’t seem so strange
at all.
You were there,
And that’s all that seemed to matter,
Even after I had awoken.
It was all that seemed to matter.
When you spoke,
the words were heartbreaking
but they were uttered from your lips
So i didn’t complain.
I could only manage to say your name.

The faces surrounding us,
well, they were just a blur.
Shadows on a wall,
I was oblivious to them all.
Could I ask for this some more?
More time, More words, More you
Even if it all wasn’t true.
More time, more words, more you.


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Taking You Places

No, I don’t know if

I can promise you trips to New York

Where we too can get tired

Of the people

As Joan Didion did,

And run from the East to the West

Clutching at feelings that fade away

The longer we stay put.


But I do hope I take you places,

Even when I have no clue which

They might be.

Just have your bags packed,

And keep alive that readiness to leave.




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Where do you hide

All that makes you unhappy?

What thick skin must you have

To shield yourself from the wrong

That life throws at you?

Have you never scored any cuts that sting

As lemon juice was spilled your way?

You are something, I have never seen before.

Someone who seems unstoppable, undeterred and unyielding.

Teach me if you can how to put aside

All misery and only smile

At all the stories it brings.


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To the one who

Keeps me up at night.

I can’t thank you enough

For the words you bring

To a lonely soul like mine.

It’s not that my life,

Is empty.

But there are gaps, vacant spaces,

That seems to appear on days

Like this one.

Just hearing you say,

A word or two my way

Helps to fill them up.


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