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Here’s to another day lived
on the same Earth as you,
I am thankful to have met you,
while my wounds are still fresh,
while my scars have not faded,
And the weariness inhabits the lines on my face.
Yes, I am thankful,
thankful for this brokenness,
this human-ness,
this aching.
And you, you’ve shown me yours so willingly,
And asked me to treat
this feeling like a gift,
Such is the way I’ve taken to it,
Like roots reaching into the soil
I embrace your presence.


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Torn Edges

As pieces of me

Lie shredded

against the banks

of the past,

I look at myself

In a reflection

And wonder how much

Of the old me is left.

How much am I leaving behind,

What’s going to patch up

these torn edges?

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We Are Poetry

Here’s a thought,

For everyone looking for one,

One that will shatter those walls,

And cut down the wired fences.

Here’s a thought that will join

All that has been torn apart

That should never have separated.

There is a vision in one’s mind

That is born a few years after us,

An idea that we hope we will always remember,

The poems we write, recite,

Mirror this idea

Every poem carries an undercurrent

Of truth,

A kind of shadow

Superimposed against the page.

Life is poetry in a way.

We choose to live in rhyme,

We choose to roam free,

We choose, and that’s what makes us, us:

A poem, written among stars

And darkness,

Letting the silence know

“We Exist”.





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Where do you hide

All that makes you unhappy?

What thick skin must you have

To shield yourself from the wrong

That life throws at you?

Have you never scored any cuts that sting

As lemon juice was spilled your way?

You are something, I have never seen before.

Someone who seems unstoppable, undeterred and unyielding.

Teach me if you can how to put aside

All misery and only smile

At all the stories it brings.


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Unable to read the patterns anymore

I resign myself

To absorbing up the moments

As and when they come.

I try,

To be the kind of brave

That fortune tends to favour

And therein lies my problem,

Bravery is a kind of blindness

And I am rushing into life,


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To all those who stumble onto or follow my words. 

I would like to know

Who you are.

Tell me your story.

I will listen.

I will care.

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No Skipping

I don’t wish to skip

The searching, the falling, the aching longing

Those are things that make it beautiful

And you know just as well

How things that are hard to reach,

Harder to hold on to,

Hardest to let go,

Will always be worth the struggle.

Life isn’t a playlist,

Where I can choose

To skip over to the next moment.

It’s a sentence,

A paragraph,

A book that

We are writing.

So here I hold my pencil

Hard against the page

So that even things erased

Will faintly still remain


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I Don’t Understand

I still don’t understand it,

How the sky touches the sea

But the wind still moves between them.

I cannot comprehend,

How it rains when it shines

And tears accompany smiles.

Would you tell me,

If the ocean is just land

That we choose not to believe in?

Like the ghosts in our stories

That walk through us all.

Is that why we fall through

The water?

Is that why we fear drowning?

Can you take the time to explain,

If the muscles that make me smile

Sweat tears just to do so?

Is that why my eyes weep

When I am kissed by the rain

And also by the sun?



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Young Endings

I just went past my 20th birthday a few days ago and for some reason that seems like a significant number and it did get me thinking about a lot of things. 20 doesn’t feel too different. Not yet at least. 

Ever since the day

Where I could hold a pen

And place it on paper

I must have known,


That it could not last.

For there are times

Even when I was young

That I felt the finite of things

Even though they were far away.

Some part of me always knew

That all this would someday end.

But maybe I am still young

Maybe I still feel the words

Float out of that pen

The same as then.

And just like then,

I don’t care if it ends,

Even though I feel it.

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“Remember, remember all we fight for.

I’m not sure I could ever describe the immensity of this feeling

But it’s always been there lurking in the deepest trench of my heart.

It was there that morning where the sunlight hit my eyes

The morning I thought I’d woken up to heaven

That was so many years ago but the feeling that I want forever to exist still remains.

I need Heaven for all the memories I have collected

For all the dominoes that have fallen and all the rains I’ve stood under.

I need Heaven, so that when the time of here and now ends

I’ll have my chance to wake up and connect the dots on everything,

Like that sun filled morning with the newspapers in front of me,

So that finally I’ll get to see the entire picture of my life in front of my eyes.

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