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On. Off.

Sometimes a day can feel like one moment. I wrote this on a day like that. As if the day started and ended with the flick of a switch.


What a simple and subtle way to start the day.

The way you glance at me as the sun turns on and the light welcomes your skin to the dawn.

How beautiful to begin with the scent of the coffee and your hair hovering over me.

The sounds of young birds. Awakening and singing such rich music, so natural and elegant.

And as the clock ticks away the seconds and minutes and hours of life, the feelings from that moment do not diminish.

In fact they only seem to bring rise to new, wondrous and more secretive feelings.

In the dimming light we are silent.

And your skin glows in a new way; it catches the light differently.

Seconds of staring. A moment of touch.



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City Lights


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Electric Dreams

At first I thought this post would be longer and I would just let everyone just fall into the “dream” with me but maybe I’ll save that for another time <(“) 

You’ve made me fall off my chair and fall into the abyss of the dream again.  I close my eyes…

As they close I feel myself drift away. The colours come to me. The colours are alive. They dance to the sound in the background. The sound which is just a faint echo of something long lost in my mind. The sound makes the lights dance the way they do because they still feel you. They feel the energy you gave me. There’s still some sort of heartbeat in there.

The dream is not over there is still more…


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Brush Strokes

Something I jotted down a few days ago… The way I see it we always try too hard to make sense of some things and it loses it’s awe when we do. This post is about something like that and me just randomly rambling 🙂 Hope you like it.

Reaching out to the people you want to be with can be so difficult. But you care so much that eventually you find a way. The feeling that comes with it can be difficult to describe but that makes it so much more beautiful.

I like how we can’t actually describe things and the mysteries surrounding us makes everything just so priceless and you can just love every moment of it. It’s like we’re all floating around in this cloud of ethereal sound that fills up our ears and no one’s quite sure what’s going on and what’s being said but we’re all here together just sharing the moment of beauty. Feels like everything‘s been drawn out on this amazing painting where these moments occur where the brush strokes cross.

I like this canvas we’ve been painted on. It’s full of colour and radiance even if the paper’s worn out a bit.



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Let Go

I don’t exactly know why I am writing this…maybe it’s because I am trying to study the hopelessness that is chemistry. Well anyway this post is about letting go. And if you are reading this and you feel like this is about you then don’t worry, you’re probably wrong 😛

I’m wandering off again. Away from the neon lights and the noise of the crowds dancing in their iridescent glow. I hate the noise, the constant buzz of people saying useless things to each other. You’re a bit like that actually, something I am trying to get away from. Maybe it’s the way you speak that does it. Or maybe it’s that annoyingly smug grin of yours that I hate so much. Reminds me of those lights. They hurt my eyes whenever I am near them.

But these things would all go away if I could just let go.  Just let go and wander off like I’m doing now. Let go of these things that are so frustrating and yet so beautiful to others. It makes me laugh to know that I think this way. There is a certain craziness to it. Maybe I’ll probably come back to this again someday or maybe I won’t. But it doesn’t really matter…’cause at this moment I’ve already started walking away.


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The Change

There’s a sound coming from the west. I’ve heard it since my younger years. I’ve heard it sing to me, the sounds of those forgotten traits that people used to have. I want this to be a brand new start now and the leave the pantomimes behind. Maybe the cause of everything was me, hiding in my box.

Age makes you wiser they say but it hasn’t done me good. Silver linings have made me beat about the bush and metaphors of wisdom have led me to despair. Dreaming of sailing through stars and rainbows of light that would maybe touch my soul in a way I could not imagine. I’ll leave in two days maybe. Reminiscent about the things I might find. Find myself a new calling maybe and learn to weave different patterns with my hands and pass them into the sea like messages in bottles.

So let the change begin.




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Running through the Dark.

hello. I know it’s been sometime since my last post but life is hectic. This one was inspired by the music I’ve been listening to lately and a movie or two. Anyways…here ya go. =)

Do you remember? Remember the times we used to sing and watch the stars disappear as dawn came…calling out for you. Yes. Those were the times. The times when nothing else could pull us through. The times, when we both shared the same light, and ran through the dark together. Do you still remember? Yes. Of course you do. We both loved running away didn’t we? Running away from everything. From fear, from family…from pain and the insecurities of life that other people saw as mountains they would not dare attempt climb. But we did didn’t we? Yes. You can remember. We’d build each other’s life. Oh and how we ran…through the rain and the pain. Through the blazing heat of summer…supporting each other as winter came. But I loved running through the dark with you. Like two children playing catchers in the dark. There was no “It”. There was just you and me bumping heads from time to time. Blind but seeing more clearly than everyone else. When they found us, they took your legs away. And you fear that we can never run together again. We will never share the thrills of leaving it all behind and sharing any undisclosed desires. But fear not my dear. I’ll carry you through the dark now and I will run with you. And when I can run no more. I’ll stop and just let the dark fold over us, like a sinking ship disappearing into the water. And I’ll bring my face close to yours. It’ll be like bumping heads in the dark again. You remember? Yes. Of course you do.

Now. Let’s Go.



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Searching for A Cause

I always wondered what it would be like to be young person, trapped in the last few days of the world and not knowing what to achieve or do when there’s so little time. This goes out to anyone who feels like they don’t know what to do in the world, I’m sure you can relate to this.

Searching for a cause, when everything’s taken
Looking for the right, when everything’s a lie
Walking down the street with the same old graffiti
They’ve written down my fate.
You’ve written down my fate and just tossed my soul away.
Writing down these lines, which seem to bring down the walls
I’m still looking for a hope that will make them go away.
I’m still searching for a cause.

It’s like walking down a hall of mirrors.
You see yourself looking… right back at yourself.
Blaming yourself for your own misfortune,
You cry out loud that you hate yourself.
Is this just another one of those days?
Where the happiness washes away,
Just like the tide…flowing back into the sea.
Where the leaves fall of from the autumn trees
And the nights grow longer as the days stay cold.
I’m still searching for a cause.

Shells of hatred crack under my feet,
The once sunny beaches, cold and weak
Hellos and goodbyes forgotten and lost
And the only sound heard is the tide going back,
It leaves me behind…
Searching for a cause.



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Gazing Through Coloured Eyes

Growing up in a land of Gods isn’t easy.

A place where you strive to belong and try to impress those with coloured eyes. You wish to be one of them someday and then gaze upon countless others trying to break free from their shackles, so they can reach their brushes and paint theirs as well. Allowing the soft bristles to rub against their dark eyelids, turning them into flickering rainbows.

I’ve heard the stories.

I’ve heard of something called happiness…It comes once you’ve painted your eyes.

That is what they say.

That is what I’ve heard.



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The Look In Your Eyes

I look at your eyes. I’ve seen them before. I look at them again, just to make sure. To make sure nothing has changed…

Sometimes I think about how resilient the human mind is. Everyday we wake up, stare at our blatant reflection in the mirror and go to wherever in life we are supposed to go. We meet up with friends, family or even complete strangers and create memories with them that somehow manage to stay with us. Sometimes we meet people that we become friends with and later disregard. Sometimes it can be the other way around and your whole life seems to turn upside down on you. People consider many things in life that are important…The most important thing to me are the memories we create, the stuff we can replay again and again in our heads that I never seem to get tired of. The people I’ve met have been so fascinating and special that even the broken connections seem to reconnect. It could be a word, a song, a picture or just a passing thought that triggers it. It happens. It’s happened to me every time. Every time I’ve shared that moment with a person, the few milliseconds of a glance or the stare that seems to last for hours, you get this feeling of euphoria that seems to explode inside your chest and though you can’t actually express it outwards…It gives you a sense of reassurance. I’m sorry if my ramblings give you a headache but it’s really hard to put what you’re feeling into words…

…They’re looking back at me now…I don’t know what to do. I stare back hesitantly; I try to deduce the expression…impossible. The feeling comes back…I can’t keep looking. A feeling of guilt climbs over me as I turn away, rudely almost…but I’m reassured…nothing has changed.



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