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Setting Sail

Tonight I want to write my heart away for it is heavy with words. Not in the romantic love sodden manner I often do, although I’m quite sure it’ll find it’s way to manifest in some shape or form. Tonight I write my heart away as if I’m setting sail in the dusk. I cannot see the horizon but I glance across in the direction it’s supposed to be and I am waiting for that silver of Sun so I can push away from the shore.

Beneath the floorboards of the vessel I sit in there’s countless treasures I’ve collected across the years. They are bottled and canned, a bit dusty and dented at the edges but the memories they contain are wholesome still. For how can such wonderful moments decay? My only fear is that if the bottles are to crack or the cans were to split open, would these memories rise up and get lost among the stars?

Oh, what would I do then? I suppose I will spend my entire voyage chasing them down. I will pick out the stars that shine brightest and believe that it is a memory that makes it shine so. For there is no other reason, no destination in store for me and I will leave my fate to the stars like an explorer of the past.

There I see it now, that unmistakable glow of  a new day.

I must go.


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The future holds in its hands, nothing.

In the copious time I’ve held my gaze at it

All I see is this white place,

A docile sheet of paper laying on a desk.

Sometimes there are lines draw across it

As if tempting me to fill them with words I do not have.

Maybe that’s why I keep looking backwards,

And no, not in a simple glance over my shoulder either.

My entire being faces the past and everything it encompasses.

In it I see the riches of moments and the spoils of nostalgia.

It is quite a view.

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Perfect Memory

When I find you again,

And I promise you I will,

I will create for you your perfect and favourite memory.

It will be of you waking up,

Looking forward to seeing my face

Lying next to yours.

And when you do open your eyes,

You will see that mine are already open,

Looking right at you.

This is what I have to give

When I find you and love you

All over again.

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