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Something I wrote for a stranger

Is it strange that I long to know you?

I am waiting for your reveal

where the lines that frame the shape of your face,

every curve and cut,

appear before my eyes.

Is it too odd that I sit and stare

for the first glimpse of what you look like

to travel in an envelope of light

which I will open up and save in a glass bottle of my mind?

I, for some curious reason have decided

that the picture of your face

is one that will leave my mind

flooding with luminescence.


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The Night Is Like My Lover

The night is like my lover,

Dark and brooding at times,

But gentle and calm just the same.

The night is like my shelter,

Where I pile up all my worries,

Shelve them and pick at them with my fingers.

The night is like my lover,

Where I can rest my head

Against the ever growing dark,

The constant reminding silence

Of what might have been

Or of what should have been.

The night, is like my lover,

So close and yet so far,

Something that comes and goes

But always returns.

The night is like my lover.


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Thirsting For The Stars

Senura's Roof

Forgive me,

For leaving your rooftop empty tonight.

I promise that in the nights that go by,

There shall be one in which

I will scale your walls

And fill the emptiness.

And we will lay there,

Drunk and flat against the still hot cement,

Thirsting for the stars.

Picture taken by amazing friend, Senura


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Welcome Weariness

I love those nights

Where my head strikes the pillow

And immediately

I am gone.

And nothing hurts

Because I’m so tired

That any feeling switches off.

And here it comes,

A welcoming weariness,

Where my eyes feel like

The heaviest of things.  


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Hopeful Nights

Hope means so many things to me and this is just one of them. 



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Shortest Days

Even though we are caught amidst these days

Where the nights come early

And the day’s light lingers for only a moment.

I cannot help but feel that it is we,

You and I,

Who hide behind the clouds.

For you are my Sun that gives me light

And I am still illuminated by you,

Even when the days are shortest. 

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Close your eyes and listen to this.

This lullaby for you.

Let the soft words fall on the lashes of your eyes.

Let the weight of the feelings they carry bring them down.

Listen to the soft whisper of these words and the echo of them in the morning.

Let them remind you of your slow fall into the pillows of your bed and mind.

Now drift away my dear and melt into your sheets.


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Star Dust


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On. Off.

Sometimes a day can feel like one moment. I wrote this on a day like that. As if the day started and ended with the flick of a switch.


What a simple and subtle way to start the day.

The way you glance at me as the sun turns on and the light welcomes your skin to the dawn.

How beautiful to begin with the scent of the coffee and your hair hovering over me.

The sounds of young birds. Awakening and singing such rich music, so natural and elegant.

And as the clock ticks away the seconds and minutes and hours of life, the feelings from that moment do not diminish.

In fact they only seem to bring rise to new, wondrous and more secretive feelings.

In the dimming light we are silent.

And your skin glows in a new way; it catches the light differently.

Seconds of staring. A moment of touch.


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Something Amazing

Just when you thought you’ve caught up with the pace of the world, it steps on the gas peddle and accelerates into the distance. It leaves you sore and miserable and wondering just what the hell you could do to keep up. Endless cycles of day and night. Same old repetitive cycle. Sometimes I wonder how we could go on like this. Could we continue living like this, constantly trying to surge ahead in the endless marathon of life. Trying to matter? Trying to stay relevant? Can we keep this up forever? I’m tired of this race. Let’s just all stop…Let’s try to do something better.

Let’s create something new.

Something amazing.



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