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Penguin Haiku IX

Penguin Haiku #64

Am I yours tonight,

Are you the cup that holds me,

And the words I spew? 

Penguin Haiku #65

Please, carry my soul.

Feel its weight in your soft palms.

Place it next to yours.

Penguin Haiku #66

Will you take a moment,

Just a moment, that is all,

To see me see you?

Penguin Haiku #67

Can I be your first,

 Last, and all the inbetween?

Can I be your all?

Penguin Haiku #68

Do not waste a drop,

Of happiness, sadness, fear.

Will you taste them all?

Penguin Haiku #69

Which way? This or that?

How long and how much further?

Allow me to say.

Penguin Haiku #70

Take me as I am,

And as I was and will be,

Yours and yours and yours.



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Stories and Adventures

My friend Zulaiha, aka The LSGMH, is going away (FAR AWAY), to Georgia for University and I just want to say that the things I have cherished the most about our friendship are the stories and the adventures we’ve had over the years. We’ve had some incredibly memorable moments, good and bad. Hopefully she’ll remember these words and go on some new adventures in Georgia as well. 



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Penguin Haiku VIII

Penguin Haiku #56

Why are you crying?

Allow me to save those tears,

Use them for your joy.

Penguin Haiku #57

Do you see those lines?

Around your eyes and your lips?

One for every smile.

Penguin Haiku #58

When will the search end?

This search for the whole of me.

Where are the pieces?

Penguin Haiku #60

Pull up the blankets,

Let your feet dangle over.

Remember the cold.

Penguin Haiku #61

Take me like the breeze

Blowing through the cold autumn.

Over and through me.

Penguin Haiku #62

Allow me to read

The pages I’ve written for you,

The words you have loved.

Penguin Haiku #63

Crumble all the bitter,

Mix it in with the sweetness

Swallow those sorrows.


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Penguin Haiku VII

Tell me you favourite!

Penguin Haiku #50

If you are the Sun

Will you let me be your Moon?

Will you share your light?


Penguin Haiku #51

Do you think of me?

When and how often do you?

Do I haunt your mind?

Penguin Haiku #52

Start with the word “I”

Finish it with the word “You”

What goes in between?

Penguin Haiku #53

I want you to fly.

Feel the way I feel the wind

Just let it take you.

Penguin Haiku #54

Will you be my guide?

Will you walk me towards the light?

And then stay with me.

Penguin Haiku #55

I think I need you

More so than ever before

Are we the fated?


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Penguin Haiku VI

10 more Haiku. Please tell me your favourite 🙂

Penguin Haiku #40

The pain comes in pangs.

Just like the evening showers.

I wish they would end.

Penguin Haiku #41

The only time when,

My thoughts and body are still

Is when your face shines

Penguin Haiku #42

Letting the tears flow

Is like liquefying pain,

And wringing your eyes.

Penguin Haiku #43

You have stolen me,

From the grips of cold, dead hands,

Wrapping me in yours.

Penguin Haiku #44

Believe that one day,

The worst things happened so that

Brighter days would come.

Penguin Haiku #45

Thank you for growing

Me in the soil of your heart

Water me with smiles

Penguin Haiku #46

 Stop the rage in you

Take the courage and the joy

Blow it towards me

Penguin Haiku #47

Have you still not heard?

The atmosphere sigh your name?

The sky longs for you.

Penguin Haiku #48

For the wanderer,

Every road is a promise

Of new worlds to love.

Penguin Haiku #49

Kiss me with your eyes

Do not spoil me with your lips

Please, keep them away

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Penguin Haiku V

Penguin Haiku #33

I am the one hurt

All the troubles you will face

I have taken on

Penguin Haiku #34

You lit the torches

That burn in my lonely heart

Can you see its glow?

Penguin Haiku #35

The distance between

Your eyes and mine is the same

As the space between stars

Penguin Haiku #36

It always hurts me

In the dead cold of the night.

You softened the pain.

Penguin Haiku #37

Do you see that I,

With all the words I’ve made you,

Care for you deeply?

Penguin Haiku #38

Give me your sunshine

And I will take all the rays

And make you a crown

Penguin Haiku #39

I want to make you

Sense how special you are to

Me, and only me. 


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Penguin Haiku IV

Penguin Haiku #25

My heart is bursting

With these words I made for you

They are yours to keep

Penguin Haiku #26

How can I go sleep?

When you are out here, waiting

For stars to kiss you

 Penguin Haiku #27

I miss your calm heat,

The way it tickles my skin

And my soul within

Penguin Haiku #28

Draw along the stars

And you will see the pattern

It is our life.

Penguin Haiku #29

You still surprise me

Whenever I open doors

And discover you

Penguin Haiku #30

If it is at night

Your worries come out to play

Read the words I gave

Penguin Haiku #31

Whenever I fail

To give you words, I will make

Up with my presence

 Penguin Haiku #32

It is a good thing

You and I both share the nights

With our calming words

Penguin Haiku #33

I am made of glass

Standing right in front of you

Your eyes go right through



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Penguin Haiku III

More Haiku from The Penguin… <(“)

Penguin Haiku #19

When you feel forlorn

Open up this page of thoughts

My words will find you

Penguin Haiku #20

I brought my ear close

And it heard the softest words

Beautiful secrets

Penguin Haiku #21

I grow so jealous

Of the wind that kisses you

And the light’s embrace.

Penguin Haiku #21

City lights spread out

The darkness in the empty streets

Like milk to coffee

Penguin Haiku #22

You are the red end

Of this spectrum of white light

You lead the colours

Penguin Haiku #23

Let go of my skin

I fear that if you do not

Your love will leave scars

Penguin Haiku #23

I listen to you

Because the sound of your voice

Fills my ears with you

Penguin Haiku #24

Will you teach me, please?

Teach me how to dance like you

Let me move with you.


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Comforting Thought

Every single person, I have discovered, has taught me something.

I go to sleep with this comforting thought. #PenguinThoughts

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April 26, 2013 · 3:18 PM

Penguin Haiku II

 More Penguin Haiku <(“) 

Penguin Haiku #12

 I always listen

To sounds of pen on paper

I can hear the words

Penguin Haiku #13

You told me today

I wish I could write like you

Just pick up your Pen

Penguin Haiku #14

One thing I will need

Even after we both part

Is your blazing glow

Penguin Haiku #15

Music is a gift

Just like the kisses you give

Every single day

Penguin Haiku #16

When you feel alone

Open the bottle, my gift

Read the words inside

Penguin Haiku #17

We are both afraid

Of things we do not control

We fear this feeling

Penguin Haiku #18

All the words you speak

Every syllable uttered

Tells them our story


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