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Stars on Skin

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Maybe that’s what I need,

The stars on my skin,

Somehow I need to find

Someway to get the stars to fall

Across this skin of mine

And mirror the patterns they cast

Across the sky.

Maybe then I can look

Upon myself and hope

That there is some sort

Of fortune or future in store for me.


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I Just Know

I just know,

That you will be enough,

And more.

You will give me

The quiet afterthought,

The pleasant aftertaste,

When all I ever needed

Was just the thought and taste itself.

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Is it okay, to shift and shuffle

Until I find the curves to fit in,

To settle wherever your skin welcomes me?

This is close,

Closer than I ever imagined being,

And still I want closer.

Like a moth than dances with the flames,

All I can do is hover as close as I can

Until the tips of my fingers are singed.

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Do Not Wane


I want my hands to land

On places of your skin

Your clothes fail to cover.

The light curve off your arms

Exposed by your slipping cuffs,

The nape of your neck,

Peering through your loose collar,

The silvers of your complexion,

Spilling through the net of loose threads.

For someone so delicately simple,

You are still so exciting,

Not in a way that sets off an unforgiving blaze

But a warm, ebbing flame


Well, maybe not a flame,

For I fear that would mean you burn me out too quickly.

You’re the glow at the end of a cigarette,

You are quiet, methodical even

And I spend every moment trying,

To keep away the urge to breathe in deeper,

To tug you closer,

And so I pray,

“Do not wane,

Do not wane.”


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I like your face,
Not for the way
It catches the light
But for the way
I struggle
To find the words
That could come close
To perfectly describing
Every little feature,
Every blemish and line,
The light freckles,
And all those rippling wrinkles,
Underneath your smiling eyes.
I want to tell you
Now I must touch
For I feel the need,
This need to feel
The skin that sits on your skull.
So let me know,
If the words I have here
Are enough for you to see
That the moment I first saw
Your visage that I speak of
Was the time I planted some words as seeds.
And watched them grow into trees
With poems under every leaf.


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Deep Ends & Letters

You are the deep end

That I am not afraid to wade through

Because the waters you are made of

Do not let me drown

But surround me

Like an envelope

Wraps a letter.

There are pockets of air between us

But I can still feel your skin

For I am the words

That sit on the letter’s surface,

Lucky enough to graze you.


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The Greatest Distance

The space between

Your skin and mine

Will always be the greatest distance.

Even when only an inch of air separates us

I will still feel like you are miles away.

I think it’s because

You are truly far away from me now

And if I ever see you in front of me again

My mind would assume you were just a mirage.

And only the touch of your skin against mine

Would make me believe you were actually there.


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Patterns on Your Skin

No pattern of stars in the night sky can match

The design of scars and blemishes

That mark your skin.

So allow me to trace my fingers across them

And paint a picture of everything

The night skies envy. 


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Dusty Canvas

If I have to put aside my words

Remove them from my mind


What is it that will remain?

Would my mind sit idle and still,

Collecting dust

Layering the surface as thick as my skin?

Or would I simply think upon

All my emotions in another manner?

Like a writer turned artist

Where every one of my inhibitions

Turns to splatters of paint and color

Instead of words?

For my pen has been thrown away

And all that remains is a dusty canvas.


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