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Star Stealer

Not sure where this came from. Maybe a dream. Maybe my imagination. But it’s here now.

Dear, you’ve stolen all the stars in the sky,
You’ve draped it in a veil.
As I look to heaven all I see is the ink you’ve spilled

But if only I could utter
A single sentence or phrase
Of a promise I once made.
For you, star stealer, I’d scream it
Out into wind
So jackals would prick their ears up
And hear of the promise I had made.

I’d said stay with me forever,
I’ll give all my time to you.
For you I’d move the mountains
Even an ocean or two.
As forever stood before us
I heard the sirens ring
A fire it had risen
And set a lit your bed.

And then you were burning too
Your shape turned into smoke
It rose and blotted out the sky
And every star as well.



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Storms & Lies

She was there that day,

Waiting for the rain to let up

And let them on their way.

Not only did it refuse to stop,

But all the clouds grew darker,

And the rain grew fierce with rage.

The child gripping at her coat

Tugged at it to get her attention.

She looked down and saw his eyes

Reflecting the stormy sky.

She wonder what she could say

To make him feel at ease,

And thus she uttered an easy lie.

“We’ll be home soon enough”.

And just as those words were said

A fork of lightning lit up over their heads,

The trees shuddered

And so did they.

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Evening Sky

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Even mighty trees

Can envy the evening sky

Bleeding through the leaves.


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I Don’t Understand

I still don’t understand it,

How the sky touches the sea

But the wind still moves between them.

I cannot comprehend,

How it rains when it shines

And tears accompany smiles.

Would you tell me,

If the ocean is just land

That we choose not to believe in?

Like the ghosts in our stories

That walk through us all.

Is that why we fall through

The water?

Is that why we fear drowning?

Can you take the time to explain,

If the muscles that make me smile

Sweat tears just to do so?

Is that why my eyes weep

When I am kissed by the rain

And also by the sun?



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Here to There


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The Sky & You



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Patterns on Your Skin

No pattern of stars in the night sky can match

The design of scars and blemishes

That mark your skin.

So allow me to trace my fingers across them

And paint a picture of everything

The night skies envy. 


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Evening Clouds



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Citrus Sky


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Penguin Haiku VI

10 more Haiku. Please tell me your favourite 🙂

Penguin Haiku #40

The pain comes in pangs.

Just like the evening showers.

I wish they would end.

Penguin Haiku #41

The only time when,

My thoughts and body are still

Is when your face shines

Penguin Haiku #42

Letting the tears flow

Is like liquefying pain,

And wringing your eyes.

Penguin Haiku #43

You have stolen me,

From the grips of cold, dead hands,

Wrapping me in yours.

Penguin Haiku #44

Believe that one day,

The worst things happened so that

Brighter days would come.

Penguin Haiku #45

Thank you for growing

Me in the soil of your heart

Water me with smiles

Penguin Haiku #46

 Stop the rage in you

Take the courage and the joy

Blow it towards me

Penguin Haiku #47

Have you still not heard?

The atmosphere sigh your name?

The sky longs for you.

Penguin Haiku #48

For the wanderer,

Every road is a promise

Of new worlds to love.

Penguin Haiku #49

Kiss me with your eyes

Do not spoil me with your lips

Please, keep them away

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