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Storms & Lies

She was there that day,

Waiting for the rain to let up

And let them on their way.

Not only did it refuse to stop,

But all the clouds grew darker,

And the rain grew fierce with rage.

The child gripping at her coat

Tugged at it to get her attention.

She looked down and saw his eyes

Reflecting the stormy sky.

She wonder what she could say

To make him feel at ease,

And thus she uttered an easy lie.

“We’ll be home soon enough”.

And just as those words were said

A fork of lightning lit up over their heads,

The trees shuddered

And so did they.


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Alive II

This post was inspired by Kavya‘s poem “Alive“. I’ve been enjoying her writing for quite some time now and she is just such a talented poetess, you simply must visit her words!

There is a storm brewing outside, 

Maybe there in the darkest greys 

And tarnished whites there is someone else, 

Someone who is looking at the rumble of clouds

Wondering as I do, 

If chance encounters are like lightning strikes, 

Rarely happening twice, 

But if there was somehow, someway

To close the distance between souls

That are drawn too far apart,

Would not these odds become evens, 

And would life be any sweeter? 

But as the thunder rumbles, 

It stirs in me another thought, 

What if we, who stare upon this tempest

Are all waiting in earnest 

For the wind to pick up our every thought, 

And pray that they journey far, 

Far enough that another’s eyes see

That this storm carries our poetry. 


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You’re A Storm I Chase


I’m in love with the storm in you,

Sometimes I stare into your eyes

And I wonder whether the lightning in them

Will ever strike me?

I dream of lying close to those

Thunderous curls of yours

And breathing in your skin’s Petrichor.

But you know so very well that

I would be just as pleased,

If I was merely just the window pane

To your raindrops.


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I had the most wonderful dream and this is the closest I will ever come to describing it. 

You’re the disaster

That I need

To help crumble and crush

The idle walls around my heart.

You’re the lightning that I pray for

To strike me

And quicken my pulse,

Open my eyes

And leave me staring

At the sparks you’ve left

That singe the hairs

On my arms and my neck.

I will look for your signs,

Those brooding curls

And you humid skin,

Will you be my storm

And then wrap me within?


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Winter Storm

Will you bring your lips as close as they can get

And fill my lungs with your breath?

And with your breath can you warm

The coldness of this winter storm?

Will you untwist the curtains and shield

My eyes from the white of the world?

Instead ,come closer and show me

The whites of your eyes, hovering

Inches away from mine.

Shield me from the winter storm

Enclose me in your calm. 

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Ocean Vessel

A poem for those caught in a storm

To me, you are an ocean vessel

A boat carrying the heart of a rebel.

Around this boat there rages a storm

That sends shivers up your form.

Only when my ear lays against your chest

Does the rebel heart finally come to rest

And makes the clouds and winds retreat.

Only when my ear and your chest meet.


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Cumulus Sea

Some words that came in with the storm

Today, the sky was like the sea

With waves of thunder

crashing into monoliths

of cloud

It is terrifying and beautiful to know

I live under this churning sea.

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