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You smell of fantasy,

like a book so old

that the dust on its surface

pollinates my skin.

And as I let myself

breathe all of you in,

I think of all the words you’ve uttered,

Every umm, snicker,

And lost train of thought.

My mind wanders the rails

They came off

and as I place my ear against

the cold bare metal,

I swear I hear the echoes.

I can’t help

but have such thoughts

blossom in my mind,

For whenever you are near

I am always so restless.



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It is amazing,

How your name

Find it’s way to thoughts

That do not even,


Relate to you.

I guess that’s how it starts,

The falling.

Of course,

Falling might be the wrong word,

No, it’s more like a vine

That grows inside ourselves,

A creeper that bends, twists and travels

Through every space between every thought,

Until you

Are the only thing I can think about.


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I Just Know

I just know,

That you will be enough,

And more.

You will give me

The quiet afterthought,

The pleasant aftertaste,

When all I ever needed

Was just the thought and taste itself.

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Hopefully I won’t regret writing this in the morning. 

I’ve realised I will always feel lonely.

Even during times when I’m surrounded by all my closest friends, I know I am going to feel that aching sensation of there being too much air around me. Something always feels missing to me. It’s no one’s fault, really. It’s just a feeling I am probably going to have all my life. Trying to explain it to myself has often left me frustrated so I’ve decided to stop and try to live with it instead.

I turn 21 today and I can only hope that the years ahead will be kind as they can be. I’m not sure why I’m talking about this, this feeling, when I’m turning an age where there should be greater and far more important worries on my mind but there’s a strangeness in me that keeps me up at night and urges these incredibly ineffectual fingers to write down these thoughts I carry whilst slowly glancing across to a film I have now probably seen close to a hundred times.

It’s not all bad though. Sometimes, I do welcome this feeling of alonenesss like now where the words come swift and clear, to myself at the very least.


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You take me places,

Not with a hand outstretched

But with just my mind

Wandering along with the thoughts

Of you that are willing to,

at the very least,

Stand the presence of me

Lingering at the side.

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Handed Thoughts – (Recited by Shreya Rajvanshi)

There is nothing I can write that will ever truly describe how much I adore Shreya for doing this!

Your voice has been a gift 🙂 

You are

The stuff that slips through my hands,

The lights that bleeds through the gaps

In my fingers,

The water that pours along them,

And the wind that caresses

The worn out threads across my palms.

You, are what keeps them steady

And what makes them shake.

You, are the pathways

I have traced on them,

The spiraling roads,

The beaten trail,

The polished floors,

And the ones I am still treading on.

Still, I feel

There is more that I could call you,

For these thoughts

Are merely what my hands

Think of you.


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Thoughts of you,

Come flooding into my head

And I swear if you

Were to place your ear

Against my forehead

You would hear

The slush and froth

As they crash against

The sides.

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Poem In My Head

How I wish

You would come to me

Like the words do.

How I wish,

That as the ink

From my pen

Graces the paper

With words

That describe you,

You would simply appear

Before me

Like a poem

In my head.


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Hopeful Nights

Hope means so many things to me and this is just one of them. 



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Smoke & Flames

Are there bits of me floating around in the air this very moment?

Thoughts that make their way across an ocean of people,

To travel far and settle on your skin?

Do they then sink right through and spark the fires in your heart

And cause the smoke to bellow out with your breath,

As it meets the cold outside?

I can’t help but think that all this,

 Happens so that I may find you someday.

Is it the smoke that I must follow to find your flame? 

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