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Storms & Lies

She was there that day,

Waiting for the rain to let up

And let them on their way.

Not only did it refuse to stop,

But all the clouds grew darker,

And the rain grew fierce with rage.

The child gripping at her coat

Tugged at it to get her attention.

She looked down and saw his eyes

Reflecting the stormy sky.

She wonder what she could say

To make him feel at ease,

And thus she uttered an easy lie.

“We’ll be home soon enough”.

And just as those words were said

A fork of lightning lit up over their heads,

The trees shuddered

And so did they.


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You’re A Storm I Chase


I’m in love with the storm in you,

Sometimes I stare into your eyes

And I wonder whether the lightning in them

Will ever strike me?

I dream of lying close to those

Thunderous curls of yours

And breathing in your skin’s Petrichor.

But you know so very well that

I would be just as pleased,

If I was merely just the window pane

To your raindrops.


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