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Apologies for the time away. 

What is it that you whisper in my ear,

As we lie underneath these sheets,

This is yet another dream, I fear.

One where I know when I awake,

I’ll have dried tears running down my face,

And you’ll fade into the faintest memory.

So while we’re here in this world of white and softness,

Let me lean in close and hear you say something softer.

For your words are Gospel

And although you’ll not witness me kneeling,

I’ll still bury my face in your neck.

And really, that’s worship just the same.


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Winter Storm

Will you bring your lips as close as they can get

And fill my lungs with your breath?

And with your breath can you warm

The coldness of this winter storm?

Will you untwist the curtains and shield

My eyes from the white of the world?

Instead ,come closer and show me

The whites of your eyes, hovering

Inches away from mine.

Shield me from the winter storm

Enclose me in your calm. 

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I walked out with a piece of chalk in my hand.

In that moment it was the only thing I felt.

A soft piece of white surrounded by my clenched fist.

It was clean and bright.

Just like the sky.

I held it against the wall of buildings as I moved forward.

Curving my hand in arcs and letting the white dance along the bare walls.

Not wanting to look at the world behind.

Forward and forward and forward.

I walked until I felt the heat on my fingers, as the last speck of white disappeared and my fingers met brick.

I stopped, looked back and thought of the distance.

It was only a piece of chalk away.


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