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Gentle Giants

What soft shapes they were,
gentle giants and wistful wisps,
marching solemly across the sky.
Where are they voyaging?
They seem unpetrubed by such a question,
The sky calls them on,
The colors are deepening,
First a pale gold and then the softest pink,
A blossoming red will soon follow
And out of nowhere a darkness,
And I fear my words will run out then.
But I’ll hear you quietly sigh,
Making me realize that enough has been said.


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There are days
when I wish the seas would shrink
in kindness and let everyone be
an arm’s length away.
And if that is too much
affection to ask of them,
Then I hope the wind will be more forgiving,
and instead of drowning out our words
they carry them across those cruel seas,
and over veiling mountains.
But all of this, even if it were to come true,
and these forces showed us some grace,
it would be such wasted favor if
we had nothing left to say.


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Storms & Lies

She was there that day,

Waiting for the rain to let up

And let them on their way.

Not only did it refuse to stop,

But all the clouds grew darker,

And the rain grew fierce with rage.

The child gripping at her coat

Tugged at it to get her attention.

She looked down and saw his eyes

Reflecting the stormy sky.

She wonder what she could say

To make him feel at ease,

And thus she uttered an easy lie.

“We’ll be home soon enough”.

And just as those words were said

A fork of lightning lit up over their heads,

The trees shuddered

And so did they.

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I.D. ~ For feelings.js

I feel like an identity,
A strange but concrete entity.
One that can dream dreams
And nightmares as well.
But the kind that loses itself,
When so close to being found.
But let it be known
As all my inhibitions unfold,
That this too is just a mask,
And this feeling of singularity
Well, it’s just not meant to last.
And just as the many sunsets go,
My mind too will sink once more.

This little poem is quite special in that it was inspired by the words generated by the bot @feelings.js created by wonderfully creative  @katierosepipkin. I’ve only recently been delving into the world of twitter bots and found out just how poetic they can be. ^_^


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Inspired by the words of the wonderful, Himani 🙂 

My search has me
Wandering in circles.
For years I’ve wondered
Why this is?
Why is it that we,
Who search for the wonder of love
Always seem to finish where we start.
Love seems to be the journey
To finding those first footsteps
We left in the sand,
All those years ago.

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Some More

I could

write and write and write 

And still there would

Be space and more

on paper,

hand and fingers willing,

For me to write about you

some more.

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More You

I may have written this just after waking up. 

I had a dream last night,
and just as dreams go
the strangeness of it
didn’t seem so strange
at all.
You were there,
And that’s all that seemed to matter,
Even after I had awoken.
It was all that seemed to matter.
When you spoke,
the words were heartbreaking
but they were uttered from your lips
So i didn’t complain.
I could only manage to say your name.

The faces surrounding us,
well, they were just a blur.
Shadows on a wall,
I was oblivious to them all.
Could I ask for this some more?
More time, More words, More you
Even if it all wasn’t true.
More time, more words, more you.


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To the one who

Keeps me up at night.

I can’t thank you enough

For the words you bring

To a lonely soul like mine.

It’s not that my life,

Is empty.

But there are gaps, vacant spaces,

That seems to appear on days

Like this one.

Just hearing you say,

A word or two my way

Helps to fill them up.


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The Sand And The Sea

For Lily and Sudaraka, the sand and the sea. 

You took my soul away,

Like the tide

Steals away the sand.

But instead of rushing away

And falling across the horizon

You came again and gave it back,

Covered in colored shells

And the smell of the sea.

All I could do

Was give you an embrace.

And warm as you were,

I wanted to give you more

And thank you for filling my soul with things,

I never thought it could contain.


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For my dear friend, Fatima, who’s company I’ve cherished ever since our first bus ride home together. Happy Birthday and here’s to many more bus rides home. 🙂 

Home has seemed closer,

Every journey I’ve taken with you.

I’ve realised that people,

such as you,

Have this incredible ability

To make time pass without any warning,

To make buildings outside

Sweep pass these bus windows

And get so easily ignored.

You have made “alone” disappear

So very many times,

And made the agonizing whir

Of the engine fade

Into bearable background noise.

For you are the best conversation,

A most pleasurable passage of time,

That lonely people like me

Are always grateful for.


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