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I Don’t Understand

I still don’t understand it,

How the sky touches the sea

But the wind still moves between them.

I cannot comprehend,

How it rains when it shines

And tears accompany smiles.

Would you tell me,

If the ocean is just land

That we choose not to believe in?

Like the ghosts in our stories

That walk through us all.

Is that why we fall through

The water?

Is that why we fear drowning?

Can you take the time to explain,

If the muscles that make me smile

Sweat tears just to do so?

Is that why my eyes weep

When I am kissed by the rain

And also by the sun?




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Citrus Sky


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Edge of The Universe

This is a really special post, inspired by a friend of mine who helps me calm the storm. 

What is it? How long has this feeling pushed you?

Why is it that even when everything around you is gripping into you, as if the whole of the universe is trying to slow you down, do you still run towards this great glorious dream of yours.

What drives you to limber through the forgotten deserts, the ones where the desolation is not written in the sands or the snow but on the people’s faces?How is it that you look into them and give them your hope? The disease you spread is the pandemic the world needs.

How did this start? No one dreams of infecting the world, but you are the edge of the universe, so far apart from anyone and everyone, so ahead.
You’ve littered the streets with kindness, stolen people’s sins, broken into their hearts, you are the conniving force of empathy. The world is in love with your soul. And I am in love with the memories of you, the storms of happiness you created, the sighs that told me everything was going to be alright.

The people are starving, from the lack of your presence in their lives and I, well I am lighting the torches looking for you. I am searching still, following the trail of defeated pathos, revelling in the beauty of your aftermath.

I am getting close, I feel the aftershocks of your life and the calm breeze of your breath is blowing this way.

I am getting there, to you, the edge of the universe. 


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Just The Raindrops

The rain reminds of many things, beautiful and terrible things.

I want the feeling of raindrops on my back.

But I don’t want the rain to soak through

And make it seem as if I

 Have just absorbed

All the sadness of the world

Crying in unison.

Crying in pain.

If I wanted to feel all that,

I would just let your tears roll down on me,

But I just want to feel the raindrops. 


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Ruse of the World

You never got caught up in the world

And although I have stumbled through and avoided the ruse of the world

Chasing after you,

It is you who has been completely untouched by it.

How is it that I have scars

And you have none?

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Penguin Haiku II

 More Penguin Haiku <(“) 

Penguin Haiku #12

 I always listen

To sounds of pen on paper

I can hear the words

Penguin Haiku #13

You told me today

I wish I could write like you

Just pick up your Pen

Penguin Haiku #14

One thing I will need

Even after we both part

Is your blazing glow

Penguin Haiku #15

Music is a gift

Just like the kisses you give

Every single day

Penguin Haiku #16

When you feel alone

Open the bottle, my gift

Read the words inside

Penguin Haiku #17

We are both afraid

Of things we do not control

We fear this feeling

Penguin Haiku #18

All the words you speak

Every syllable uttered

Tells them our story


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Running through the Dark.

hello. I know it’s been sometime since my last post but life is hectic. This one was inspired by the music I’ve been listening to lately and a movie or two. Anyways…here ya go. =)

Do you remember? Remember the times we used to sing and watch the stars disappear as dawn came…calling out for you. Yes. Those were the times. The times when nothing else could pull us through. The times, when we both shared the same light, and ran through the dark together. Do you still remember? Yes. Of course you do. We both loved running away didn’t we? Running away from everything. From fear, from family…from pain and the insecurities of life that other people saw as mountains they would not dare attempt climb. But we did didn’t we? Yes. You can remember. We’d build each other’s life. Oh and how we ran…through the rain and the pain. Through the blazing heat of summer…supporting each other as winter came. But I loved running through the dark with you. Like two children playing catchers in the dark. There was no “It”. There was just you and me bumping heads from time to time. Blind but seeing more clearly than everyone else. When they found us, they took your legs away. And you fear that we can never run together again. We will never share the thrills of leaving it all behind and sharing any undisclosed desires. But fear not my dear. I’ll carry you through the dark now and I will run with you. And when I can run no more. I’ll stop and just let the dark fold over us, like a sinking ship disappearing into the water. And I’ll bring my face close to yours. It’ll be like bumping heads in the dark again. You remember? Yes. Of course you do.

Now. Let’s Go.



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Walking With Cracked Heels

The road to paradise is long and weary…

Filled with twists and turns that manifest into smooth highways or the ragged dirt roads. And you find yourself off the beaten path. And then you stop. You take a breather. You watch as the dust settles and the cold sweat drips down from your forehead and marks the scorched earth. You look ahead.

You watch as the dust settles.

You watch as the pale horizon brightens.

You watch as the life flows back into you.

And as the horizon becomes clear again, it reminds you of why you struggle, why you persist. The reasons that have stuck to your mind and encouraged you to push harder. The reason you started, the reason you are continuing, the reason you are not going to stop…

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been back again. Pushing ourselves for others, and dragging our cracked heels across the dusty cracks in our life.


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I want to walk on air…

This post is something i wrote when i started thinking abt how the world was before and how everyday seemed amazing somehow and how hate has just consumed the world and brought it into a state where it just doesn’t feel right anymore

I want to walk on air…

Help me take the first step. I want to reach the stars…Help me try to reach them. I don’t care how high up it is. A challenge…I embrace it. Don’t care what the world throws at me; I just want to reach it. Leave behind the dusty wind and the cold street lights, that remind me of broken times and the painful life…I want to run through clouds, inhale freedom, shower the earth with hope…golden hope, glistening hope…A much needed hope. I want to run away from the ambient fear, the paradigm shifts, the monotonous black and white lifestyle…Remember how the earth used to glow? The warm and sweet scented mornings we used to wake up to? When the Sun’s light touched your skin? Welcoming you to the dawn of a new day that you knew would be colourful and full of life. There was something about that warmth…It made our hearts glow. It made the beggar a hope to wake up to, the suicidal man a reason to live, a terrorist the thought to consider…

But it isn’t the same anymore…The warmth is gone. Perished. Lost. Forgotten…We wake up to escapism…People trying desperately to find a way out. A way from all the pain. A way to hope. It’s cold now. I’m cold now.

I want to walk on air…Help me take the first step.

I want to reach the stars…Help me try to reach them.


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