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More You

I may have written this just after waking up. 

I had a dream last night,
and just as dreams go
the strangeness of it
didn’t seem so strange
at all.
You were there,
And that’s all that seemed to matter,
Even after I had awoken.
It was all that seemed to matter.
When you spoke,
the words were heartbreaking
but they were uttered from your lips
So i didn’t complain.
I could only manage to say your name.

The faces surrounding us,
well, they were just a blur.
Shadows on a wall,
I was oblivious to them all.
Could I ask for this some more?
More time, More words, More you
Even if it all wasn’t true.
More time, more words, more you.



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Finding You

my fingers tiptoed across
a dusty map.
And every place it left an imprint
I brought myself there
hoping I might find you

my head hasn’t stopped swivelling
looking up at every high rise, every lit up window
searching for your face
in every place I’ve roamed

I find you, everytime
the place starts to feel like home.
you are always with me.
you are always with me.


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Breaths We Breathe

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Sending my love to all of you out there, with every breath I take. 🙂

Love is realising that we

Are constantly breathing each other’s breaths.

Knowing, that each breath you take

Has something of someone else

A sigh, a laugh, a cry, an exasperation.

Love is knowing that each breath you take

Has been taken before

And it’s not just the oxygen from the trees

Or the giving nature of their leaves

That is keeping us alive.

It is the breath of you,

The breath of me

And the breath of all of humanity,

That keeps all of us warm

On the coldest of days.

Think of what else our breath has given,

The words we speak

The prayers we ask,

The portraits on windows

As it fogs up the glass.

I am almost convinced that our lungs love

Even more than our hearts.

For how would our hearts even beat,

If it wasn’t for the breaths we breathe?


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Thoughts of you,

Come flooding into my head

And I swear if you

Were to place your ear

Against my forehead

You would hear

The slush and froth

As they crash against

The sides.

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Handed Thoughts

You are

The stuff that slips through my hands,

The lights that bleeds through the gaps

In my fingers,

The water that pours along them,

And the wind that caresses

The worn out threads across my palms.

You, are what keeps them steady

And what makes them shake.

You, are the pathways

I have traced on them,

The spiraling roads,

The beaten trail,

The polished floors,

And the ones I am still treading on.

Still, I feel

There is more that I could call you,

For these thoughts

Are merely what my hands

Think of you.

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It has been so long since I last wrote but the words seem to be coming back 🙂 

This writer of words is lonely and lost,

Surrounded by chances that have come and gone.

And here he waits longing for you,

When all he sees are the memories long past.

In his own words though he glimpses her

A dazzling light of soul

While the brokenness inside him

Fashions his own version of hell.

In the day he comes to see her

And her hair in the wind

Is the day that he can say,

“My heaven has come”

And he wishes it would stay. 

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These pieces are the spaces I have saved

For the memories of you,

The memories of me,

A rain of ideas and feelings.

In every memory of every line

And every piece of my fragile mind

I seem to find you.

Just to make sure you’ll stay with me,

I hold onto you like a little child

By cradling you within these words.

But almost always it’s the memories of you

That steadies my hand and helps me

Write what has been written.



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The Sky & You



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Not Enough

I have always felt reassured by the fact that I have lots of great memories and that someday thinking about them is going to make me happy. I always imagined the memories being so vivid that it would be like re-living those moments and going through the same feelings as I did in that memory but today when I tried, everything in my mind felt distant as If I’m speeding away from those moments and the rear view mirror of my mind is only showing me a host of fuzzy shapes getting smaller and smaller as time passes by. This is probably the only post on my WordPress that has a longer introduction to it than the post itself. I’m sorry if this bothers you, the words just sort of leaked out.

the memories are too hazy.

The colours too washed out for me to be content.

The sounds too quiet for my ears to tell my heart

That I am hearing those words again.

There is much less feeling mulling over a slowly diminishing moment in my mind.

There is less joy and less of you.


just the memories aren’t enough.

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Evening Clouds



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