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Gentle Giants

What soft shapes they were,
gentle giants and wistful wisps,
marching solemly across the sky.
Where are they voyaging?
They seem unpetrubed by such a question,
The sky calls them on,
The colors are deepening,
First a pale gold and then the softest pink,
A blossoming red will soon follow
And out of nowhere a darkness,
And I fear my words will run out then.
But I’ll hear you quietly sigh,
Making me realize that enough has been said.


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Light the torch,
And if at first it doesn’t take the flame,
Fuel it with your soul,
Your unflinching will,
The parts that keep your skin so warm.
I know something glows inside you,
A white, unrelenting fire.
Use it and light that torch.
And when you’ve done that,
Raise it to the sky,
Swing it and disturb the fog,
I will see it,
I promise you,
I will see it,
For I need you to guide me safe,
I need you to help me avoid those rocks,
To navigate through treachery,
For I do not trust my compass,
I do not believe the stars,
Yours is the only signal I look for.
Use whatever you have left,
Keep it burning,
Wave until I hold you,
And promise to never leave your arms.

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Fracturing The Light


Parts of the bed where
The light beams streak across
Are merely markers for where
You and I are meant to be.
It’s a sort of beginning,
And sort of end.
This is where we become
Children once again,
Tackling each other
whilst fracturing the light.


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You must be what it’s like

to be a beam of light.

To be weightless and yet, be whole.

To cut through the blackness

Without any hint of fear.

To be you must be

Like a shimmering dream,

The kind you see in movies,

The golden and glowing parts

Of my imagination that sees you

Illuminating my life.


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Something I wrote for a stranger

Is it strange that I long to know you?

I am waiting for your reveal

where the lines that frame the shape of your face,

every curve and cut,

appear before my eyes.

Is it too odd that I sit and stare

for the first glimpse of what you look like

to travel in an envelope of light

which I will open up and save in a glass bottle of my mind?

I, for some curious reason have decided

that the picture of your face

is one that will leave my mind

flooding with luminescence.

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Do Not Wane


I want my hands to land

On places of your skin

Your clothes fail to cover.

The light curve off your arms

Exposed by your slipping cuffs,

The nape of your neck,

Peering through your loose collar,

The silvers of your complexion,

Spilling through the net of loose threads.

For someone so delicately simple,

You are still so exciting,

Not in a way that sets off an unforgiving blaze

But a warm, ebbing flame


Well, maybe not a flame,

For I fear that would mean you burn me out too quickly.

You’re the glow at the end of a cigarette,

You are quiet, methodical even

And I spend every moment trying,

To keep away the urge to breathe in deeper,

To tug you closer,

And so I pray,

“Do not wane,

Do not wane.”


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Why must you hover so far?

Halo me closer.

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Evening Sky

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Even mighty trees

Can envy the evening sky

Bleeding through the leaves.


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I am not sure of

The length of the oceans

Or the height of the mountains

Which make me see less

Of you.

I only know this,

These are mere curtains in my world

Which you somehow shine through,

I still feel

Your little freckles of light.


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