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I like your face,
Not for the way
It catches the light
But for the way
I struggle
To find the words
That could come close
To perfectly describing
Every little feature,
Every blemish and line,
The light freckles,
And all those rippling wrinkles,
Underneath your smiling eyes.
I want to tell you
Now I must touch
For I feel the need,
This need to feel
The skin that sits on your skull.
So let me know,
If the words I have here
Are enough for you to see
That the moment I first saw
Your visage that I speak of
Was the time I planted some words as seeds.
And watched them grow into trees
With poems under every leaf.



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Simple Moment

Behind these eyes lies an ocean,

That holds all emotions held back.

But the gates are open now

And the flood comes rushing forth

As a great and sad beauty reaches my eyes.

The feelings roll across my skin

And explode against the ground.

Every drop transcribing

What my words cannot.

And as the torrent subsides

I am already missing it,

A simple moment,

Beautiful and sad.

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“I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul.

Where I’ll end up, well I think only God really knows – Cat Stevens”

I have never known where I’m heading,

For all the steps and decisions made in the past,

Left turns or rights, silence or a voice

Don’t allow me to see a finish line,

But I like to think we all get one eventually, 

Be it sad or beautiful or both,

I want one.

An ending.

A final end to a final beginning.

I want one so bad I am willing to wait,

wonder and wish for the moment

as long as I have to.

And when it comes, 

I want it overwhelm me, 

So that my heart feels heavy 

and my chest collapses.

I want an ending that defines everything,

that has ever passed through me 

in this life, asleep and awake.

A stream of eyes, smiles and conversations

that somehow add up.

I want the dreams and stories to blend

and give me what I will always cherish,

An ending to this story.

I want one, 

Dear God, I want one. 


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A Quest To Your Heart

I am still stitching up the words I need to tell you.

Some of them are stubborn and hard to pull together, and maybe I might need a little help.

Some loose threads of rhyme here and there need to be settled into place.

The shine on the punctuation brought out.

The curves must obey the golden ratio, everything must be perfect.

Lurking under the bends of the f’s and the g’s are the tidbits of feeling that flow and ebb across the plain of paragraphs.

They come together at the end, settling at the period, quivering at the question mark and exploding with the exclamation.

Little bursts of feeling, the right dosage of beautiful little things.

All of them sent out on a quest to find your heart.


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Perfect Memory

When I find you again,

And I promise you I will,

I will create for you your perfect and favourite memory.

It will be of you waking up,

Looking forward to seeing my face

Lying next to yours.

And when you do open your eyes,

You will see that mine are already open,

Looking right at you.

This is what I have to give

When I find you and love you

All over again.

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Cumulus Sea

Some words that came in with the storm

Today, the sky was like the sea

With waves of thunder

crashing into monoliths

of cloud

It is terrifying and beautiful to know

I live under this churning sea.

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This was inspired by some words from The Raspbewwy

 No matter how many times you piece together the shards and put that glow somewhere, it’ll always break. hand it again.


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I made a new friend.

And through the fence I see a ghost…

I fell in love with the way our eyes met.

 So still.

 So pleasant.

And when I came back you were there again.

Right in front of me now. And you stared the same as always, it’s so fascinating to watch.

Everything about you seems like an echo and fades away before completion.

The smile that never really completes itself and I can see the words begin to form and then they just fade.

A Whisper. Not even.

You are a ghost, an echo that’s fading.

And as soon as I glance away I want to look back. Look and see if they are still on me.

And I try to think of the best way to explain it. This moment and the moments we’ve been having.

It feels like I had my picture taken by some apparition in the crowd. 

I had my picture taken.

And I want to know why.



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Beautiful Little Things

Here I am writing something beautiful for you again.

It seems that most of what I write starts off this way.

But you don’t seem to get tired of it.

So I’ll still write the same.

I’m trying to think of the best way to put you down on paper.


And there’s that pause I always take.

The pause after four or five lines.

This is where I sit and stare.

Not at the things in front of me but at things I’ve captured in my mind.

The moments you and I and others  have shared.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

I get caught up in it and the rest of the world is a blur.

In a moment I’ll make my choice.

And then I’ll take it and lose myself in it.

I’ll romanticize it so much that when you read the words your mind will be full.

Full of these beautiful little things.


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Beautiful Complications

A short post on reasons why I do some of the things I do. And in the case of “The MInuri”, about to do <(“)

The first words that come to my mind are. I like to complicate things.  I like to complicate things in a beautiful way. I’m not sure if it’s frustrating or maniacal to people but I want to see their faces all happy and confused.I want to do things in the craziest possible way to show that I care. To show that I love. I want to put in the effort to do something no one else would and see the look on their faces.That’s all I want. I just want to see their faces light up and go “What is wrong with you? Why? Oh My God” That is all I want. I want to show them that the beauty of what they give me has to be something worth remembering and the only way I know to do that is to give them a story to remember…

That’s all I have to give. A story.


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