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Light the torch,
And if at first it doesn’t take the flame,
Fuel it with your soul,
Your unflinching will,
The parts that keep your skin so warm.
I know something glows inside you,
A white, unrelenting fire.
Use it and light that torch.
And when you’ve done that,
Raise it to the sky,
Swing it and disturb the fog,
I will see it,
I promise you,
I will see it,
For I need you to guide me safe,
I need you to help me avoid those rocks,
To navigate through treachery,
For I do not trust my compass,
I do not believe the stars,
Yours is the only signal I look for.
Use whatever you have left,
Keep it burning,
Wave until I hold you,
And promise to never leave your arms.


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I need to write about Yesterday,
So we don’t forget.
Not you, not I, will ever forget.
We shouldn’t. We mustn’t.
I think from this moment onwards
I’ll always refer to yesterday, as Yesterday.
Yes, that’s what it should be.
It needs to be.
It has to be.
We’ll call it Yesterday, two days from now,
We’ll call it that, a week from now,
And even as the years go by,
That’s what it will always be.


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There are days
when I wish the seas would shrink
in kindness and let everyone be
an arm’s length away.
And if that is too much
affection to ask of them,
Then I hope the wind will be more forgiving,
and instead of drowning out our words
they carry them across those cruel seas,
and over veiling mountains.
But all of this, even if it were to come true,
and these forces showed us some grace,
it would be such wasted favor if
we had nothing left to say.


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Inspired by the words of the wonderful, Himani 🙂 

My search has me
Wandering in circles.
For years I’ve wondered
Why this is?
Why is it that we,
Who search for the wonder of love
Always seem to finish where we start.
Love seems to be the journey
To finding those first footsteps
We left in the sand,
All those years ago.

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A poem I wrote for a friend whom I absolutely hate saying goodbye to. 

Every anxious breath

I take,

feels like the ocean

swelling as it heaves, heavily,

The salt in it’s lungs.

And yet here you come

Once in a while,

To ease the weight

And break through the brine,

The churning waves,

making me forget

The stinging in my chest.


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Finger Lengths

To a person I miss, often and dearly.

Brave is the distance that separates the likes of us.

Us, who never could put together

A perfect sentence

That described what we were.

Us, a moment in time

Where you were just a smouldering ember

And I was the breath that tried

To not so subtly bring about a flame.

Us is no more,

But I think of you no less.

I am someone who always dreamed

We would be

No more than finger lengths away.


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Home & Heart

“Home is where the heart is”,

They say.

But I carry my heart


I think that’s why

As I board a plane,

And peer at every seat

On every row

Down the aisle

I hope,

As my heart looks up

In earnest,

To maybe glimpse

Someone to share home with.


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Alive II

This post was inspired by Kavya‘s poem “Alive“. I’ve been enjoying her writing for quite some time now and she is just such a talented poetess, you simply must visit her words!

There is a storm brewing outside, 

Maybe there in the darkest greys 

And tarnished whites there is someone else, 

Someone who is looking at the rumble of clouds

Wondering as I do, 

If chance encounters are like lightning strikes, 

Rarely happening twice, 

But if there was somehow, someway

To close the distance between souls

That are drawn too far apart,

Would not these odds become evens, 

And would life be any sweeter? 

But as the thunder rumbles, 

It stirs in me another thought, 

What if we, who stare upon this tempest

Are all waiting in earnest 

For the wind to pick up our every thought, 

And pray that they journey far, 

Far enough that another’s eyes see

That this storm carries our poetry. 


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The Night Is Like My Lover

The night is like my lover,

Dark and brooding at times,

But gentle and calm just the same.

The night is like my shelter,

Where I pile up all my worries,

Shelve them and pick at them with my fingers.

The night is like my lover,

Where I can rest my head

Against the ever growing dark,

The constant reminding silence

Of what might have been

Or of what should have been.

The night, is like my lover,

So close and yet so far,

Something that comes and goes

But always returns.

The night is like my lover.


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Yesterday & Today

Is there ever a time

Where you are not stuck

In yesterday,

And me in today?

Is there a line where

The shadow lies on both our ends,

Where both our presents are one

And words bridge the distance?

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