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I see it now,
it stands afloat a blue that calls upon our longing
it’s as if someone placed a piece of land
atop an exotic cocktail.
But the smell of salt gives up this illusion,
There are no ethanol vapors here, no spirits
except our own.
There she is,
Lonesome yet bustling,
There is life here,
But quiet and considerate.
Cohen lived here you know,
he fell in love and wrote on love here,
I think the waters still hold his words.
I picture him staring out across a windowsill,
Wondering about this ship that approaches,
Did he foresee us as ghosts?
Gosh, what a fright we must have given him,
Scared him half to dead did we.
Hydra, there it is
How long has it stood there,
among waves, among wars
And now among us.


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I’ll Wait Some More

I promise

I’ll take less photographs,

capture more moments

with my eyes,

my ears and most of all

my heart.

For what’s more memorable

than a feeling?

I’ll go searching for things

that quicken my pulse

and keep my eyes wide open.

I’ll sit and stare

for as long as the moment lasts

and then I’ll wait some more.

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Home & Heart

“Home is where the heart is”,

They say.

But I carry my heart


I think that’s why

As I board a plane,

And peer at every seat

On every row

Down the aisle

I hope,

As my heart looks up

In earnest,

To maybe glimpse

Someone to share home with.


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I am not sure of

The length of the oceans

Or the height of the mountains

Which make me see less

Of you.

I only know this,

These are mere curtains in my world

Which you somehow shine through,

I still feel

Your little freckles of light.


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Stories and Adventures

My friend Zulaiha, aka The LSGMH, is going away (FAR AWAY), to Georgia for University and I just want to say that the things I have cherished the most about our friendship are the stories and the adventures we’ve had over the years. We’ve had some incredibly memorable moments, good and bad. Hopefully she’ll remember these words and go on some new adventures in Georgia as well. 



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Penguin Haiku VI

10 more Haiku. Please tell me your favourite 🙂

Penguin Haiku #40

The pain comes in pangs.

Just like the evening showers.

I wish they would end.

Penguin Haiku #41

The only time when,

My thoughts and body are still

Is when your face shines

Penguin Haiku #42

Letting the tears flow

Is like liquefying pain,

And wringing your eyes.

Penguin Haiku #43

You have stolen me,

From the grips of cold, dead hands,

Wrapping me in yours.

Penguin Haiku #44

Believe that one day,

The worst things happened so that

Brighter days would come.

Penguin Haiku #45

Thank you for growing

Me in the soil of your heart

Water me with smiles

Penguin Haiku #46

 Stop the rage in you

Take the courage and the joy

Blow it towards me

Penguin Haiku #47

Have you still not heard?

The atmosphere sigh your name?

The sky longs for you.

Penguin Haiku #48

For the wanderer,

Every road is a promise

Of new worlds to love.

Penguin Haiku #49

Kiss me with your eyes

Do not spoil me with your lips

Please, keep them away

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Brush Strokes

Something I jotted down a few days ago… The way I see it we always try too hard to make sense of some things and it loses it’s awe when we do. This post is about something like that and me just randomly rambling 🙂 Hope you like it.

Reaching out to the people you want to be with can be so difficult. But you care so much that eventually you find a way. The feeling that comes with it can be difficult to describe but that makes it so much more beautiful.

I like how we can’t actually describe things and the mysteries surrounding us makes everything just so priceless and you can just love every moment of it. It’s like we’re all floating around in this cloud of ethereal sound that fills up our ears and no one’s quite sure what’s going on and what’s being said but we’re all here together just sharing the moment of beauty. Feels like everything‘s been drawn out on this amazing painting where these moments occur where the brush strokes cross.

I like this canvas we’ve been painted on. It’s full of colour and radiance even if the paper’s worn out a bit.



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The Great Man

This post is actually less about the Great Man and more about my friend Madhumita or “mbthecool19” who unfortunately is not in the best state she can be. This is for you mbthecool19, a loyal Federer fan. Keep fighting.

Remember those times we were up so late?

Those headaches and torments that went through our heads as we watched the Great Man play his best. How we constantly wrecked our heads in frustration in those tense moments where heart ache was certain.

And then you grew quiet and I wondered so. Where had you gone? This is not like you.

The Great Man played but where were your words? Those magical things that describe those moments. Through ups and downs the Great Man played. And through ups and downs your words had spoken.

And when you came back you said things were different. You were damaged goods and time uncertain. But I know you’ll fight like the Great Man did. I know you’re strong like the Great Man is. And now he’s fulfilled your final wish.

You’re not gone yet so I hope and pray. Pray that you’ll be there to see the Great Man’s end.



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Not Just An Accident

This just feels too good to be an accident and I don’t want to feel that way. I want to feel purposeful and not just be here for sake’s. I don’t want to feel lucky, I want to feel thankful. I don’t want to feel common. I want to be one of a kind. I don’t want to be part of probability but instead feel like we were meant to be. I want gifts not chances. I want to be part of a plan. I want to live and not just react.

I want this to be beautiful. And it is.


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